Apple is bigger than Google plus Microsoft!

GDP for Singapore is US$300 Billion for the whole of 2013. It will only release the 2014 GDP numbers on February 17.  GDP for Malaysia is US$746 Billion. (Yes, Bank Negara Malaysia has released the data earlier than Singapore) Well, the value of Apple, as a listed entity has reached US$717 billion (Feb 17 2015). Quite an amazing feat contributed by its very successful range of products especially after they realized that larger screens are the right way to go and followed the Android route. No doubt, iOS remains their major advantage but without the bigger screens or to remain at just 4 inch plus, there is just no way for them to gain so much new sales suddenly. This is the first company ever to reach a value of over US$717 Billion. It’s BIGGER than even Google and Microsoft combined in terms of value. Google’s market capitalisation is US$365 Billion and Microsoft is US$350 Billion.
I do not own an iPhone but I am a very satisfied customer of MacBook. After using it for 18 months, my battery can still last 10 hours easily. I have never have such ‘powers’ before with any of my 3 notebooks before this MacBook. So, yes I can safely conclude that Apple produces good products. iPhone remains too expensive for my liking and I currently use OPPO which in terms of quality and value is second to none, my personal opinion. Don’t believe me? It’s OK. Just buy the brand you like. Haha.
Oh yeah, what do I think of the share value? Actually, based on the current profit levels versus it’s overall share price and thus value, it’s pretty normal and definitely not overpriced! Sorry, I do not own any account to buy US stocks today. They earned US$8 Billion last quarter. Based on price-earning ratio, Apple is valued at just 16 times its annual earnings and if the profit momentum continues, it may be just 10 times based on next fiscal year. 10 times meant their share price is undervalued. In brief, if you buy their shares, it takes 10 years for it to double. This does not take into account the potential dividends etc. Happy using Apple products.
written on 13 Feb 2015
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  1. Am Fully Emersed in APPLE Spirit & CULT…

    1. I know mike. Haha.

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