Yes, yes, KLIA2 is ready to be used, AirAsia to start from 9th May

After much delay, KLIA2 is certified fit for use. This is indeed another huge achievement considering that this is Asia’s most modern low-cost air terminal. If you have been using LCCT recently, you would already realise that it is bursting at its seams. Finding a car park took me 45 minutes. Eating lunch meant I my choice is limited to whichever restaurant has space. Checking in? You better be there as early as you can because tales of people missing flights despite already at the airport is increasing, especially those who did not print their boarding passes before time.
klia2The Certificate of Completion and Compliance has been issued to Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAHB). Even the International Civil Aviation has completed their checks and has completed their checks after being asked to do do by the government due to the many negative reports in the media as well as Air Asia’s insistence that it is not ready to move if the airport is not deemed to be safe and ready.
The first flight in will arrive at 12.05am from Tiger Airways and the first flight out would depart one hour later. No Air Asia though because they will only start from 9th May onwards. With the view of being ready from day one, MAHB undertook the Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (Orat) procedures. ORAT is a comprehensive methodology and holistic approach to ensure the operational readiness of the new airport. The airlines which will begin flying from 2nd May onwards would be Malindo Air, Cebu Pacific Air, Tiger Airways Singapore, Lion Air and Indonesia’s Mandala Airlines.
klia22In terms of capacity, KLIA2 can handle up to 45 Million passengers per year and this is 3 times the current capacity of LCCT which is already handling over its official limit! Last year, it handled 20 million passengers. Nevertheless, some reports said that the full capacity may be reached in just 10 years. Once it handles its full capacity, it meant that MORE HOTELS are needed. MORE RESIDENTIAL projects are needed. MORE Retail outlets are needed. MORE visitor invoice receipts to Malaysia. 45 Million per year meant that close to 4 Million passengers go through the airport monthly. We have yet to include those who work there. Hmm…. perhaps it’s time to buy properties which are within a 15km radius from KLIA. The growth should be quite secure for the next ten years. Ok, I will seriously think about it.
written on 19 April 2014
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