XXL size. Black Tiger Prawns. Want some as well?

Do you like prawns? I love prawns. Do you like BIG prawns? I love BIG BIG BIG prawns. Haha. My good friend Susan sent me 2kg of these XXL sized black tiger prawns. (image as below, yeah that’s my actual left hand since I needed my right hand to take the photo) At the time that she ordered, these XXL-sized black tiger prawns were still moving around in water. It’s being farmed in sea water farms in Manjung, Perak. Within 24 hours of her order, these prawns have arrived at my doorstep here in Klang Valley.

The organisation which is helping the small-time farmer in marketing their XXL-sized black tiger prawns is part of the La Juiceria’s group of companies. They said they are only temporarily helping farmer during this period. You may find their restaurants and company’s information in this link https://lajuiceria.com.my/ I have asked for you. The small-time farmer does not have a Facebook page yet… I do think they need to quickly change this though.

This is the Q&A and contact if you like to ask some further questions. Please do not ask me yeah, I am not any reseller. Please deal with them directly. No need to mention you saw it here too, no extra discounts too.

Other Q&A:

Question: What prawns are we selling?
A: Black tiger prawns only.

Question: Are the prawns live?
A: Harvested from the farm (limited quantity per batch)in the morning. All prawns are kept in ice and seawater during transportation to central kitchen KL to maintain freshness. At our CK, we have to repack and sort for distribution within 24hours.

Question: are the prawns frozen?
A: NO. WE do not deep freeze the prawns. We harvest limited quantity fresh and have to sell out within 24 hours. We chill the prawns for freshness.

Question: Where is your farm?
A: Our farm is based in Manjung, Perak. Farmed using sea water by the sea.

Question: are your prawns antibiotic free?

Question: How are the prawns packed?
A: 1kg bags chilled.

Question: Is there any minimum order?
A: The minimum order is 2kg

Question: How do I pay?
A: We prefer contactless payment. Please bank in to “LJSF Group Trading Sdn Bhd 512866210134 MAYBANK”
We do not accept cash as we want to minimise contact for our delivery guys to ensure their safety during this MCO period.

Question : I don’t want to do transfer. Do you accept COD?
A: No. We don’t accept C.O.D as we will need to sort and allocate for prawns that has been paid in advance.

Question: Do I get receipt for this purchase?
A: Yes we can give upon request. Allow our finance to have 3 working days to prepare a receipt upon request.

Question: regarding deliveries.
A: For areas such as DAMANSARA, KEPONG, MONT KIARA, TTDI, BANGSAR, BUKIT DAMANSARA, HARTAMAS we charge RM5 delivery fee per order. Delivery outside of these area will incur delivery surcharges to cover our cost. We will quote accordingly.

Question: What is your delivery time?
Answers: There’s no specific time, as all the whole batch will have to be redistributed within 24 hours upon arrival to our HQ.

Question: How I know when my prawns will be delivered?
A: lead time is within 1-3 days depending on availability upon payment received. We only harvest our prawns in small batches to ensure freshness to our customers. First come first served basis upon payment made

Question: If your delivery is late, can I request for a refund?
A: Yes. But within reasonable reasons. We should be given 24 hours to fulfill upon arrival of these fresh prawns. Kindly allow us 10 days to process refund.

Question: Is there any chance to waive delivery if I purchase in bulk?
A: No, we are selling at under market price to help our farmers as it is.

Question: Can you deliver to my apartment unit?
A: No. WE appreciate customers to pick up at the lobby as we minimise contact exposure for the safety of the delivery guys during this period.

Question: Why are we helping the farmers?
A: Prawn farmers lose the opportunity to export these prawns due to processing plant manufacturing restrictions. On top of that, there are supply chain disruption to the wholesale locally and European markets as well. European market disrupted so these r export quality and size which normally won’t be available for Malaysian Market. This is just to help the farmers to bridge during this difficult times. Prices may vary once demand goes up.

Question: Can you arrange to be picked up at nearest convenient location ?
A: We are able to arrange the prawns to be collected at one of these convenient location. For Pick up options you will only be charged a minimal RM5 handling fees.

  • La Juiceria Superfoods , Main Place USJ Subang Jaya
  • Super Saigon Ampang , 34 Persiaran Ampang , Desa Pahlawan.
  • Super Saigon Hartamas, 2 Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, Taman Sri Hartamas.
  • Super Saigon TTDI, 28 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman , TTDI
  • Super Saigon Bangsar, 75 Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.
  • La Juiceria HQ, 2 Jalan MIVO, Taman Perindustrian Desa Aman.
  • Super Saigon @ Subang Parade
  • La Juiceria Superfoods Subang@SS18, 3 Jalan SS18/1b, Subang Jaya
  • La Juiceria Superfoods @atria shopping centre

Question: How should i know if you are not scammer?
A: We are part of La Juiceria’s group of companies. We are only temporarily helping farmer during this period. You may find our restaurants and company’s information in this link Lajuiceria.com.my

Whatsapp them to order: +6018 3683306

From my understanding, due to the limited available quantity, you may want to order a few days in advance before you actually will want to eat XX-sized black tiger prawns yeah. This is how one website describes the black tiger prawn meat: “Unlike cold water shrimp, whose meat can be watery and sometimes taste bland, warm water Black Tiger shrimp have a distinctly bold, sweet, firm-textured meat that has earned them the honour of being called the ‘poor man’s lobster.’ Yes, I am a poor man with rich man’s taste for lobster! Happy proceeding to buy yeah.

My first dish from this? Image below. Tomorrow’s gonna be Tom Yum steam… or Garlic Steam…

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