Where to buy? Still where to buy? You should know lah.

I visited many relatives during this Chinese New Year. My mother’s side would be in Ipoh and my father’s side would be in Sitiawan. My wife said that she is surprised with AEON in Sitiawan. It’s huge. Actually along the same road, we have Tesco and Giant too. Yes, the developments in the Manjung district (Sitiawan included) is really second only to Ipoh. There are many billboards put up by developers all over Ipoh to promote new developments and it’s the same in Sitiawan too. What’s the typical price? Well, my cousin brother bought his home, a semi-detached double storey for less than RM500,000 a few years ago. However, his renovation is like buying an affordable apartment. I have to agree that after the renovation it looks very comfortable, a home I would love to stay for a long time too. Anyway, renovating for own stay in Sitiawan is definitely different from renovating for investments lah.
During one of the visits, a relative who’s working in KL asked me this question, ‘Where should I buy if I want to buy in KL?’ I asked, ‘What about the area that you are staying today? The relative answered, ‘I don’t like it. It’s too jammed and the density is too high. I am just staying there because I can reach my office in 15 minutes if I leave earlier.’  I just smiled and said, ‘I think it’s best that you start viewing units in other areas. Talk to agents and evaluate what they tell you about that particular area. Agents in Area 1 will be able to tell you advantages of area 1 while agents in Area 2 can tell you advantages in area 2. You can then decide. When you have shortlisted the final three, we can always have a casual chat about it.’ The relative said okay and we moved on to other topics.
I do not think the relative would ever come back to discuss about it but I think everyone should note that even for my relatives, my answer remains the same. We should buy based on what we know and not where someone pointed us to buy. My ‘favourite meat’ may just be your ‘poison!’ A case in point? I like Kelana Jaya. It’s near to everything. I could even walk to Paradigm Mall when I stayed there a few years back. Food is easy. Pasar Malam full of things I love to eat and buy. Of course, I know, it’s crazily jammed during peak hours. Once when it rained, it took me over 3 hours to arrive home from my office in KL downtown. Haha. However, a recent conversation with a good friend who had just moved to Kelana Jaya was a little negative. She complained way too much about Kelana Jaya versus the place where she moved from, Kota Kemuning. Well, I like it but I moved away. She moved in but she hated it. This is life, not a movie. So, where to buy? You should know lah. Happy deciding.
written on 1 Jan 2017
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