118 is higher than 88 definitely, BUT….

I think it’s very clear that I like the upcoming start of “Merdeka PNB118” I think this would be a catalyst to the areas surrounding it. If only I own a piece of land somewhere nearby but I don’t. Yeah, I did write about it earlier. Read here: KL118? Make it happen please  Widely reported in many local medias today and most of them talking about this being the country’s tallest building. That 118-storey tower will overtake the 88-floor Petronas Twin Towers and more. Seriously, is there such a need to have such comparisons in the first place? Both to me are iconic buildings. It’s true 118 storey would mean that it should become the world’s 5th tallest building. Top 5 is indeed awesome.
However, has everyone also forgotten that Petronas Twin Towers remain the world’s tallest TWIN TOWERS? Read here: Petronas Twin Towers still tallest in the world Yes, thus far all my foreign friends would never fail to take a photo of my Petronas Twin Tower before leaving Malaysia. There are lots of people still eyeing anything that has a view of the Twin Towers. I am not joking. Latest one here: Majority of 8KiaPeng@KLCC will be foreign buyers  With the current slowdown, it’s true also that there are some slightly older developments nearby or around KLCC is facing pressure. However, the price per sf or even the total price remains unaffordable to the majority. Read here: Ready, steady, grab the opportunity (KLCC area)
Perhaps more details about the project. It’s designed by an extremely famous architect firm from Australia, Fender Katsalidis Architects. The awards that this firm has won is well, too many to mention. Read it here. It will be standing at 630 metres and it will also gain the MSC Malaysia Cyber Centre status together with three green building certification standards. The joint development cost for the tower and a seven-storey shopping mall is RM5 billion. It’s expected to be completed by 2020. 82 out of 118 floors would be rented out as offices and this is 1.7 million sq ft. There would also be a 6-star luxury hotel occupying 18 floors or 435,000 sq ft. No mention of the hotel name yet. Let’s hope this is one of those really luxurious ones. Don’t mind not staying there, I do mind if it’s not as luxurious as I would expect. At least something like the one announced recently? Read here: Slowdown? Prices per sq ft increased for strong interest 
Oh yeah, the builders of this iconic project was announced earlier. Read here: KL118 awarded, RM3.4 billon deal to Samsung-UEM  Besides this 2020 date, the remaining mixed development on 19 acres of land will be completed by 2024. To those who would like to say that such a development would bring traffic jams and inconvenience etc, please do understand that as long as the development is within any matured area, it will always cause jams and inconvenience. What’s most important would be the plans and solutions.
I would love to introduce more interesting places toy foreign friends. Oh yeah, oversupply of commercial office? Read here: Occupancy at 85 percent but 75 % are over 16 years old  Seriously, if I need a better branding, I would pay more to be at a better branded office. All owners of these office buildings should be as competitive as possible and not keep increasing rates simply because there are no other choices. Same thing for residential too. Keep building please.
written on 17 Mar 2016
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  1. Frederick avatar

    Whether it is 88 or 118, it depends on the politician-in-favor at the time. Petronas Twin is still in hype because of the publicity generated then and till now as it is still the tallest building in Malaysia and probably still iconic. When the new powers-that-be supersedes the political icon behind Petronas Twin Tower with a new 118, Petronas Twin tower’s iconess will fade away.

    1. Haha. Noted Frederick.

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