VR theme park in Damansara Perdana by 2018

I was in Universal Studios Singapore 2 months ago. Accommodation was provided by my two Ipoh pals and both have doctorate degrees! You know who you are, thank you! One of the rides I enjoyed the most was the virtual reality (VR) ride as part of a rescue mission in a Transformer’s setting. It was exhilaratingly exciting! It looks so real and I was shouting occasionally. My wife told me she shouted throughout the whole ride! We could not go in together because one of us must take care of both kids. Our experience may be expanded in the near future. Reported in freemalaysiatoday.com was the news that a US-based company known as US VR Global Incorporated would be building a VR theme park in Damansara Perdana in the earlier part of 2018. Its CEO Mark Olivier Francq who was speaking in a press conference shared that the facility would be called Hero Central Park and it will be located in Empire City, Damansara Shopping Mall. This will be the first and the company would also start to launch into other emerging markets in ASEAN, India and China. Read more about VR here. 
The park will be one the largest VR parks in the world. It will occupy 170,000 sq ft of space. Total to be built may be 20 within ASIA and 200 or 300 within the next three to five years. Six months is all it takes to build such a park, unlike the conventional ones which would take years. Let’s not forget that the land cost is also higher these days. The tickets are also said to be so affordable that it will attract people from all segments and represents a great value for money. I can agree that the entertainment value is definitely there. However, do note that I love both the outdoor theme park where I can actually see, feel and walk around. As for VR, regardless of how real it is, I know it’s still VR. US VR Global Inc founder and executive chairman Ramelle Ramli shared in the press conference that the total cost of building the park would be RM100 million but the first phase would cost RM70 million.

Image source: ultravr.org

The more things that Damansara have, the better it would be. Even though this is not free, I still consider them as public amenities. We do not need to travel all the way to the city centre every weekend for all these, right. Remember I shared about Decathlon in Sri Damansara? Well, I also hope that this VR theme park would be another great attraction which is extremely nearby. Have you worn those VR googles which allow you to view the showroom of the unit during a property fair? You know, sometimes it’s not easy to convince people to drive over 50km to view a showroom and then drive another 50km back after the viewing. VR is definitely a technology which will assist in many marketing functions. In fact it helps tremendously in ‘opening’ up the possibilities of buying a property from the comfort of an air-conditioned mall! Happy waiting and anticipating.
written on 7 May 2017
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  1. I tried out the VR ride at USS you mentioned, and it was indeed super fun! (The line was really long though >_<) I think for now VR in Malaysia is mostly limited to entertainment, but maybe soon it will be used more often in real estate. Will definitely save a lot of travel time to viewings for buyers and agents.

    1. Yes….!!!! Haha

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