Vaccination news: Let’s use up 1.059 million doses before end June, okay?

Good news. Not great news but definitely good news. Malaysia have a total arrival of 1.059 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines this week. This is 559k of AstraZeneca (which I have taken and if you like to know the experience and what to do etc, read here) Added to this number would be another 500k vaccine doses from Sinovac which will be included into the National Immunisation Programme (NIP). AZ is separated from the NIP because too many Malaysians do not prefer it. It’s really good to read about UK’s experience with AZ and they have just reopened their economy last week. As for the 1.059 million doses, here’s that news article confirming this number. Article in

Not-so-good-news. The registration for AstraZeneca has been opened on 23rd May 2021. It is only for the seniors and they will have priority until 26th May. My good friend managed to register for his parents too. Well, after more than 4 hours, we could see that most dates remain open and in other words, these will be open to everyone from the 27th May onwards. Take a look at the screenshot for KL and Penang as below: (as at 420pm) Register here yeah:

What happened during the previous opening for AZ vaccines of 280k doses was that every slot was taken up within 3.5 hours. Well, I think that’s because it was open for all. Hopefully, we will see even more slots being filled up within the next 2 days. Else, it will again be open to all and from the first experience, I think it should be filled up again even if the total doses being offered for AZ is now a total of 1.1 million doses. (including another 559k arriving end of May which I really hope will arrive on time).

Another good news. With enough vaccines available, it’s also possible to quickly ramp up the vaccinations too. Look at the numbers below. It has reached a high of over 80k doses per day. In other words, within 30 days, we could actually vaccinate over 2.4 million people. As informed earlier, the maximum vaccinations which Malaysia could do per day is up to 160,000. Well, 80,000 seems to be good enough with the current vaccine supply. We need MORE vaccines to arrive in order to keep doing such a high number. Image source below is KKM’s FB page.

If you have friends who have not registered, tell them. My recent article about AZ has been clicked by over 300 readers! Within 24 hours. So, I guess the interest is there but people just need more information for them to decide. It’s also possible to wait for Phase 3 which is supposed to start very soon with more vaccine supply. As for choosing which one, I just want to remind everyone again that Malaysia is nowhere near the first few million people to take any of these three vaccines, whether it’s Pfizer or Sinovac or AZ.

There has been tens of millions and hundreds of million people in the world which has gotten it way before us. Whether we are successful or not in this fight against COVID-19 is with all of us yeah. Stop hoping for miracle cure because even a lockdown does nothing more than just delay the inevitable. Vaccination is a better cure. Thank you.

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