Vaccination is the key. 300,000 per day is the target for July 2021.

I have just received my appointment for 2nd jab for AstraZeneca just 2 days ago. It’s a nice feeling to know that I would soon be as protected as two doses could afford me. I also know that infection is possible but I also know that with antibodies built up with vaccinations, the chance of hospitalisation is reduced tremendously and the probability of going into the ICU is even lower.

This is why vaccination is key and is the only effective way to keep the new cases under control. Please note that it is NOT going to cause the cases to go zero but it can keep cases low and that’s great for the medical frontliners who could then stay focused on giving the best possible.

Where are we in vaccinations?

As at 2nd July 2021, the below is the total vaccinations per 100. We can see a huge gulf between the countries at the top and the countries at the bottom. Do note that I did not include all other countries where the vaccinations are still extremely low because it just does not have any vaccine doses and donations from richer countries have not reached them too. Info source:

Good climb in June but let’s aim higher for July

We could see that our number of vaccinations per 100 is on a steep climb and this is not slowing down yet because in July, we are aiming to hit 300,000 on average per day versus 200,000 in June. Statistically, it will be another 50% growth. Of course, at the same time I do hope all our ASEAN neighbours would also start showing a steep climb because if we intend to have any travel bubble like what the European Union is doing, we need all member countries to also be at a certain level of vaccinations.

Total Covid-19 doses we have for July?

The total doses arriving in July alone is 12 million. This is the total from a combination of Sinovac, AstraZeneca (including extra 1 million from Japan) and also Pfizer doses. This is MORE than all the deliveries from February all the way to June. So, yes, July is that critical month where all promised deliveries must arrive but all the targets set to be hit. Let’s look at mid July numbers when we have them and perhaps I give an update again.

Happy getting your vaccination and remember to encourage more people to sign up too.

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