10 Most Dangerous Cities, the end of property market Malaysia?

I think I will start by asking a question. Do we buy foreign properties in cities which the world acknowledge as being extremely unsafe? If the answer is no, then do we expect foreigners to buy Malaysian properties if we are categorised as very dangerous? I think some of us may have seen a list of so-called 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Asia in which 4 Malaysian cities made the list. The list was compiled by Worldatlas.com and in the full article for this list, it says that the list was compiled based on, “a set of crime indices to compare global cities based on relative levels of crime, safety, law, and order” If you intend to read the whole article, it’s here: dangerous cities.
Let’s read some of the actual comments in brief:
10. Johor Bahru: “A hub of criminal activity”
5. Klang: “There are a large number of criminal gangs reported to be operating in Klang today, with violent clashes among these gangs being quite frequent. Many of these gangs are operated by the Chinese and Indian peoples in Malaysia.”
3. Petaling Jaya: “Besides cases of robberies, thefts, and murders, violent gang wars are also common in Petaling Jaya.”
2. Kuala Lumpur: “Besides these petty crimes, serious crimes involving physical violence, murder, rapes, and robberies are also commonly reported in the city.”  
Oh yeah, as a consolation, the article said this, “There is not a single Asian city that is in the list of the most dangerous cities in the world.” In case you are interested with the REALLY dangerous ones. Read here:  World’s Most Dangerous Cities 
Let’s talk about just these 4 and ignore all the thousands of cities here in Asia. I also do not want to debate the increasing crime rates in Malaysia but seriously my fellow property investors in Malaysia, should we forward and just agree with it? I state my opinion. I disagree totally with this list even if I agree the crime rates do seem to be increasing. If you agree with this list, I think it’s time we start buying elsewhere, say in neighbouring countries instead. Secondly, it’s time to move to those CHEAPER cities not listed here. Ringgit may have depreciated a lot versus USD but actually within Asia, we are not doing too badly as at today. Ready to do it? Happy forwarding and believing then. I don’t. (By the way, I have visited many cities within ASIA for business or pleasure and I can safely tell you that safety in KL which was ranked No.2 most dangerous is definitely a crazy ranking to say the least.)
written on 8 Apr 2016
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    Read the link you gave. No malaysian city at all. Liar.

    1. Thanks for reading. Cheers

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