Why do some people still get cheated? Sigh.

As the saying goes, there’s no free lunch. However, what if someone offers us a deal too good to refuse? Some kind of ‘investment’ which will give us returns which are 10 percent PER MONTH? Haha. PLEASE ALWAYS understand that if the returns are real, there is no need to offer to you.  They would offer to listed companies instead. These companies could then offer huge dividends to its shareholders.  They would even offer to the local banks since local banks have the funds to buy much more than what we could ever buy. This is the reason why we need not be excited or happy when we get such deals. By the way, the potential returns from the advanced nations would be even smaller! Many have interest rates close to zero. In other words, these huge return schemes are SCAMs.
Do refer to an article for the warning from the Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) directorComm Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani.  MalaysianDigest: Victims of Scams.  Somehow, despite so many warnings, greed continue to cause people to be cheated. He shared that over 20,000 people got cheated in 2016 for investing in the illegal money game but only 100 people came forward to lodge a police report. He shared a few ways that people are being cheated such as frozen bank account calls, online shopping fraud and most common of all, love scams. “Always be vigilant and do not simply give your personal information out, especially your bank account information. These conmen prey on your fear and will take advantage of it,” he urged. In fact, recently The Star reported that authorities shut down the VenusFX forex scheme syndicate.It was involved in foreign exchange investment scam causing 23,259 people to lose approximately RM80 million.
I think this will continue because within 2017 alone, I have already been informed of lucrative investments a few times. I personally do not believe any investments with more than 10 percent returns per year. Except for investments which I can personally control and not just to hand over my money to my friend’s friend’s friend somewhere outside the country. Thus, to cheat me, please offer something lower but still higher than the dividend stocks. I still remember my good friend told about one scheme which offers 5 percent returns per month. She said that it’s safe because her sister has also invested in it. A few months later, she told me that she was lucky because she managed to get some returns as well as her invested capital back. She did not say what happened to the scheme but I guess it has closed shop. 5 percent returns per month is 60 percent per year! This is better than whatever investments you have in mind right now. Haha. So, yes, it’s FAKE. Stop getting cheated, please.
written on 11 April 2017
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