Titiwangsa Park

Family fun in Titiwangsa Park. Free too!

Family fun in Titiwangsa Park. Free too!

Do you love free things to do for your family? I do. Do you love to play in a waterpark? I do. Do you have children who love playground? I do. Please do read on for my adventure in Titiwangsa Park and also its newest Splash Park fo rthe enjoyment of all KLites.

I have brought my children to Titiwangsa Park twice. My son asked when would be the next trip. Briefly, they enjoyed it tremendously. I am also very happy as I think DBKL has done a good job with the rejuvenated Titiwangsa Park. There’s now Titiwangsa Splash Park too. Best part for KLite families with young children? Parking is easy to find and entrance is free. This is definitely a very well designed park for the enjoyment of everyone. Certainly something I would proudly show all my foreign friends too. Okay, now let’s enjoy all the photos yeah.

Amazing view in my opinion.
Relaxing view as we job / cycle
Really fun to run
Reminds me of some overseas parks. Clean and lots of greens
Jogging and Cycling trail in Titiwangsa Park
Definitely not the usual stuff for playground in Titiwangsa Park
Super nice playground. Free…
Standing under that ‘mushroom’ is really relaxing
This ‘water-park’ is free at Titiwangsa Splash Park
Lie down and just soak in the water and the Twin Tower in the background too.

Want to know where to park the car? This is the Google Map location (click here) for where to park the car near an entrance to go to the playground and the Splash Park.

Enjoy and please do our best to keep it clean for the benefit of all of us. Thank you.

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