Theme park queuing? That’s past.

I have always hated queuing for theme park rides. I felt that since the whole park is so huge and I have to stand in line for an hour, it is like forfeiting my limited available time in the theme park. Well, this will not happen in the upcoming Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) in Ipoh. It will feature a virtual ticketing and queueing system from Accesso Technology Group plc which will be providing the technology for such a system. In brief, we do not need to wait in line with a smartphone! This is a patented technology for smartphones.
Download the app, reserve electronically and you will be informed when your turn to ride has come. I think it will notify you in advance or else, it may be crazy running to get to the ride. Well, all it takes to try out is to drop by Ipoh in mid 2016. There is no need to ask, this is a park that I would definitely visit since I am a Ipohan. Now, it makes very good sense to visit Ipoh simply for its theme parks. Plus, all the mouth-watering food diversity second to none. Stay longer? Yes, it’s also a great place for many too. Read here: Ipoh retirement, doing nothing?
This new attraction in Ipoh will feature more than 40 attractions, including 23 rides, live shows and attractions such as the world’s first DreamWorks-dedicated zone, Malaysia’s tallest drop tower, and a thrilling live-action car stunt show. It is touted as the first animation park in Malaysia and Asia. Some familiar names include Live Adventure Zone Casper the Friendly Ghost, Mr Peabody & Sherman, the Croods family, Megamind and local animation character BoBoiBoy. It will also feature live thrills; a live car and bike stunt show in a 2,000 seat arena. See you next year.
written on 11 Sept 2015
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  1. Yes, I’m going too! See u at theme park.

    1. Yeah, see you there.

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