The right focus for 8th PM? The economy first. I agree.

I am not an economist. Extremely far from it. I am also not a political analyst. Nowhere near it. I am however an avid reader and yes, I do have a business degree as well as an MBA. Thats why I do write more than just about buying property, selling property and everything property. Haha. Anyway, unless you have been sleeping for the past one week or so, you should already know that Malaysia’s 8th Prime Minister is Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

If you intend to comment on whether it should be him or someone else, please do find other platforms yeah. Go to Facebook or other social media to do it. Here in, we talk only about the economy, the investments we could make and the economic decisions the new PM could make. I refer to IQI Global chief economist Shan Saeed who said the following as per reported in an article in

He said, “In my view, under the new prime minister’s administration, the government will remain committed to deliver solid economic outcomes based on uplifting the masses, keep price inflation down and above all maintaining economic confidence to attract more foreign direct investment into the country.

“The administration will pursue expansionary fiscal policy in the short run and then move to follow the monetary policy. Local businesses and investors can expect support from the government in order to provide incentives to compete on a global scale.

“Markets should recover sharply since the new PM is announced and uncertainty is over. The markets will be closely monitoring who would be the finance and economic minister to gauge the impact of policy levers being delivered by these gentlemen.” Please do read the full article in here okay.

Frankly, I really hope that expansionary fiscal policy is pursued more intently. Look at the catalytic potential of those projects and choose the ones which will be most beneficial. This is totally different from giving away cash to the people which will help one time. Look at how Petronas Twin Towers have bring up the whole KLCC area.

Look at how many millions of new tourists have come in through Kuala Lumpur International Airport and think what may have happened if Subang Airport is still our ‘international’ airport today. We should thank the Prime Minister who pushed these two projects through despite objections yeah. Yea, the HSR KL – SG is definitely one of such catalytic projects. We will see if this happens or whether there are further changes politically next week…

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