The Mate @ Damansara with rental certainty and tenants’ quality

[Sponsored Post] The Mate @ Damansara with rental certainty and tenants’ quality

Renting out a property is not easy but managing it is harder

Some actual issues faced by me. A tenant called at close to midnight and said that there was no water at the unit. Another tenant called at 930pm at night and said the heavy rain was making the whole floor in one room flooded. Another tenant called and said that he had just broken out of the shower room because the door knob was broken. Do you love to handle these issues? And maybe more…

Buying The Mate and take up the OCR Hero Package to ensure rental certainty and tenants’ quality. Do visit their FB page for more info.

Else contact them here:

Looking for a Return-On-Investment (ROI) of 6.15%?

Everytime someone asked me why I love property investment, I would tell them that when we invest our money for financial returns, we usually get returns based on the actual amount we invested. For example, RM10,000 with a return of 3.5% meant that at the end of 12 months, the return would be RM350. (Yes, I know, it’s low).

However, when we invest into a property, we would get both the return as well as the potential capital appreciation. In fact, I always hope that the capital appreciation could just follow the typical inflation rate often quoted which is 3%. To me, 3% every year is going to make me extremely happy. Well, OCR Hero promotion for The Mate will provide 6.15% ROI and also the potential capital appreciation from the property.

Here are some actual numbers in AirBnB. They have more statistics to share with you. Just need to enquire when you visit their show gallery.

Visit, Learn and Enjoy the CNY Open House

Visit their CNY Open Day with lots of activities to find out more. Remember, we never invest without understanding what we are actually investing into. As for the CNY Open House, it’s on 11th and 12th February (Sat and Sun). Details as per below. There are also Musang King durians and more varieties being served too. At the same time, there will be a world class lion dance too. OCR has invited the Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association which was the 1st Runner Up in the 2021 International World Competition

Happy visiting and enjoying.


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