Teluk Intan: Uniqueness second to none

My real hometown is Teluk Intan. I was born there. I do not foresee myself retiring there but let me tell you about Teluk Intan which is also known as Teluk Anson (TA), depending on how old you are. A report in an English daily said that Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has declared the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan as a National Heritage. He said that the tower was built in 1885 using the Pagoda concept and thus is very unique with the influence from the Chinese and architecture. It’s also a historic landmark and has even a water tank for the dry season as well as fire-extinguishing facility. Some of these things he mentioned, I have no idea before this. However, I have the following to say about Teluk Intan.
I have been to Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. It’s double the height of TA’s  leaning tower. It’s also much more famous. More people visit it daily. However, tell me again why is it so famous? Yes, there’s just ONE in the world. Leaning tower of TA is exactly the same. The only issue would be accessibility, unless you are driving in, the closest international airport nearest to TA is KLIA. The second issue is really just local support. Not many people are really that amazingly proud about this fact and always say, ‘aiya, nothing special’. I repeat, I have been to Leaning Tower of PISA, so if anyone wants to say ‘nothing special’, I can say exact same thing about the leaning tower of PISA, ‘nothing special.’.  Don’t believe me? Just go to leaning tower of PISA, take pictures there and then? Nothing else, you can eat some Italian spaghetti then.
Do go TA, do take photos and do share with your friends and the world. It is indeed something very special and it should now already be part of a place that everyone should have their photos taken with.
taOh yeah, second part about TA is the chee cheong fun. It’s nothing like those of Penang, or those of Ipoh or even those of whichever town saying their’s the best etc. Let me tell you a story about TA’s chee cheong fun.  I have a group of Penang friends who as usual tell the world that their chee cheong fun is second to none. Fine. They went to TA after breakfast. I told them that I have bought some chee cheong fun. All of them said, ‘we are full, but since you asked, ok, maybe three of us share one pack.’. In the end, each and everyone of them finished one pack by themselves.  Second story, one group of Penangites who just finished their 8 course dinner were on the way back to Penang, from TA. One of them said, ‘my TA friend said this chee cheong fun is a must-eat.’. They look at each other in disbelief and said, ‘ok, let’s try one by sharing.’. In the end, 5 of them finished 5 packs. I shall say no further. Please do try. No.1 is by Liew Kee but available only from 7pm and no. 2 is Sam Siu Yeh. Just google online.
Are these two reasons enough? For food,just google for Teluk Intan food. You will be amazed that all these food varieties are available and you can actually do a eat till you drop trip to Teluk Intan. You can also visit the town and take very nice photos as it has lots of those colonial style buildings too. Happy visiting TA or Teluk Intan.
written on 1 March 2015
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