Strive to be a talent, not just an employee

Strive to be a talent, not just an employee

Talent versus Employee

Briefly, talent is something which we could do which most people could not. For example, the ability to communicate ideas in a cohesive manner to peers, managers and customers. Most people could speak but presenting ideas require very different skills altogether. Another example, the ability to lead a team and harness the powers of teamwork. Most people could work very well if they do not need to work with people. However, people with leadership capabilities are not as common. So are we a talent or are we just an employee like the majority?

Evolution of the employee

My good friend posted the below image. A very interesting one about the evolution of the employee. It says that we used to work 9 to 5 and today, the employees can work anytime. (I do wonder if there are no deadlines these days?) It says that employee in the past must work in a corporate office and today the employee can work anywhere. Frankly, majority of all the employees with a proper company is still working in an office, whether it’s home office or corporate office. It’s still not in a cafe somewhere… just not private enough and just too expensive…

There’s also the part about climbing the corporate ladder and creating our own ladder. I think these are two very different thing lah. If they work in a corporate world, they will still have to climb the corporate ladder. There are not that many people whom I know which they could suggest something to the company and then got promoted to lead that suggestion. Just stay focused on doing the job well and yes, now it’s easier for people to see that effort. Possibly that’s why they say it’s possible to build our own ladder.

I will not go on lah but the below is really just an ideal situation but definitely not reflective of everyone in the job market today.

Just Do It, Better and Quickly

When we look at the image above and we think we are the future, then please remember again whether past or the future, a talent would always be valued higher versus just an employee in the company.

In the job market, companies continue to say they could not hire the right talents while we have never ending complaints from many that they could not find their dream job. Take a step back, think objectively. What could I do which is value-adding which most other peers could not do? Not even peers from the same company but peers in all other companies. The answer determines our action. Just Do It, quickly.

Do not worry too much about whether we are employee of the past or the future or whether we are using company’s equipment to do our work or using our own device. Think about how we could make us more valuable as an employee. If we are a sales person, do we understand digital marketing? If I am a finance person, do I understand why e-wallets become popular or die? If I am an engineer, do I understand how to persuade convincingly for people to believe in my ideas? All these are far more important.

All the best.

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