pulau daat

Buy this leasehold island. It’s yours until the year 2853.

Buy this island. It’s yours until the year 2853.

An industry friend posted this message in his FB page. He says now someone could own a prvate island and that the auction reserve price will start from RM121.5 million and with this price, it’s just RM4.80 per sq ft only. Looks very cheap in terms of per sq ft.

The island is in Sabah yeah. So, the leasehold is quite special, 999 years.

May be an image of ocean and text

What can you do with an island?

Turn it into a resort island! Okay, more funds needed. lots of funds infact.

Resell it to someone else for a profit! Okay, that’s definitely some plan. Who knows the buyer already have a potential buyer in mind? (same mentality as the ones looking for undervalued properties in the auction market)

Do nothing. Sometimes, some people have just too much funds and they like to spend some of it on something they just want to own and yet do nothing about it.

Move there and stay there. This is definitely a dream come true for people who just do not want to have any other people near them. Full of privacy and quiet nights.

More things that one could do if one wins the ownership for this island. Happy bidding!

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