Taiwanese outbound investment growing. Malaysia included.

In an online news article, one Taiwanese consulting firm, Asia Pacific International Property forecasted that the total overseas investment from Taiwan will increase 50 percent to RM8.6 billion from the NT$50 billion (RM5.75 billion) recorded in 2014.  Two reasons stated are due to the slowdown in the domestic market as well as the growing interest in overseas market. In fact some of the real estate agencies in Taiwan have been setting up offices to help in facilitating these overseas investments. According to an analyst, many Taiwanese investors are already familiar with markets such as Japan, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.
The advisory firm also Asia Pacific International Property also said that between Malaysia and Singapore, it would recommend Malaysia instead due to the relatively low property valuation in Kuala Lumpur though the property market has already increased over 10 percent in 2014. With the country’s economy continuing to grow, the property market in Malaysia has a great potential.
Happy news? In terms of overall total of the forecasted RM8.6 billion and divided into so many countries outside Taiwan, the total to be invested in Malaysia is not likely to be larger than countries such as Japan, Australia, UK or even the United States. Nevertheless, if we calculate based on just a potential of RM 1 billion and with an average property price of RM2 million, that would still be a total of 500 units of properties in Kuala Lumpur within 2015. As for where these Taiwanese would be buying, happy searching. Or even happy selling if indeed they were looking for your property.
written on 22 Feb 2015
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