Sunway’s theme park expanding with Nickelodeon themed attractions

nickI remembered the first time I went to Sunway Lagoon theme park, I was so amazed by its water park then. Had so much fun that after that trip I have gone there no less than 6-8 other times, normally with friends. There was even once when my friend persuaded me to abandon my policy of no roller coaster and I went up the roller coaster only for me to have a pale looking face throughout the rest of the time. I have only been up roller coaster two times in my life. Once in Sunway and another in Disneyland, France. over the years, I can see that Sunway’s theme park has continue to expand and renew itself and most recently, it is tying up with content provider Viacom International Media Networks Asia to develop a RM100mil Nickelodeon-themed attraction – the first in Asia – on its 88-acre Sunway Lagoon theme park.
This new attraction called ‘Nickelodeon Explorer’s Oasis – will occupy 10 acres of the theme park and is expected to be completed in March 2015.’. This is very soon, it means within less than one year, kids would love to run around Nickelodeon characters. Maybe not so much for the adults but hey lots of us would still be uploading pictures of us into Facebook when it opens right? Nickelodeon is a top global entertainment brand focused on kids and families.
After this, the theme park would have between 30 to 40 acres left. What’s next? If I may be more adventurous, how about an X-Men based theme park? Haha. That would be something I would love. Imagine being up on a ‘Wolverine’ ride? I have no idea how it would be though. Ok, ok, just my own imagination of what may happen with the remaining 30-40 acres of land. Sunway is also expected to build another theme park in Iskandar in Malaysia in the near future.
written on 19 April 2014
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