Buy property and stand to win Mini. Not bad at all.

Honestly, I would not buy a property even if it comes free with a nice car. The reason is simple. I am going to be the one actually paying for it anyway because the price of the car would have been included into the property price. This is especially the case when every house bought comes with one free car. Great. Come on, be objective about it. However, what if a developer offers ONE (1) unit of Mini Cooper as a lucky draw for any buyer of their properties all over the country with the condition that the buyer would need to sign the SPA within 30 days of their booking? Suddenly, my answer to this would be, let me take a look at some of their properties and we will decide from there.
The launch of BIG MINIThe developer is Sunway Property. It recently launched a BIG MINI campaign for its buyers to win one Mini Cooper as well as cash prizes when the buyers purchase a Sunway property between the periods of January 1 2015 till June 30 2015. The only condition would be that the buyers would need to sign their SPA within 30 days of booking. Eligible buyers get to do a lucky draw where RM500 is given immediately or the buyer gets an invite to draw for second time for a chance to take home the Mini Cooper. The higher the property price, the more draws. RM400,000 gets you one draw and RM1,000,000 gets you two draws. The participating developments around Klang Valley include Sunway Velocity at Kuala Lumpur; Sunway Geo at Bandar Sunway, Sunway Montana at Desa Melawati, Sunway Eastwood at Puchong South and more.
Too bad I am already staying in a nice condo and have no intention to move, or else that Mini Cooper may just be mine. Actually this type of promotion is okay and it does not really add into your purchase price, not directly anyway. The reason is because every project would already have its own marketing and promotions budget. Just take a look at the projects stated and you would realize that it’s easily covered under the usual marketing expenses. The cheapest Mini Cooper version starts from RM180,000. All the projects of Sunway may only need to reduce one (1) day colour advertisement in national newspaper during the weekend and the cost of the car has been covered. This is also how the banks sometimes does their marketing. They may run a contest where every RM100 that you spend entitles you to one lucky draw entry. They have millions of customers who are spending this RM100 to win something serious, like a Mini Cooper. If I have 3 credit cards, of course I would try my luck by using the card with the contest first.
Seriously, maybe another developer may offer an even more attractive car in the near future as grand lucky draw prize? Happy driving the Mini Cooper, to the eventual winner.
written on 25 Mar 2015
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