Subang Jaya will have its own urban forest by end 2016

When I visited my current home for the first time, my daughter ran around the garden happily. My wife told me that she liked the environment too. She could bring my daughter to the playground or the swimming pool safely too since it is within the condo. I agreed. We paid the deposit within the same evening and today, she brings both my daughter and my son to the park or the swimming pool everyday, as long as there’s no rain. Well, for landed property owners in Subang Jaya this will also be happening very soon. Subang Jaya Municipal Council  plans to unveil its first urban forest by the end of 2016. Ok, it’s not really a forest as in the typical forest but it’s definitely a great place for lots of activities for everyone staying nearby.
Reported in StarMetro, a new urban forest will be open to the public after the project is completed. It’s through turning USJ 3C along Persiaran Setia into a 3.18ha urban forest called Park of Hope. According to Town planning director Ismail Muhamad said this is a smart partnership between the council, FRIM and Green Tech, an organisation under the purview of the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KeTTHA). This piece of land is currently overgrown with bushes and poses a risk to nearby residents.
This urban forest will also be used for data collection. Educational tours would also be conducted for preschool children right up to students at university level. Universiti Putra Malaysia will help to design an educational module. The park would also facilitate the meeting point for people and increase social interaction between the residents. Among the facilities planned are a jogging and nature trail, bike tracks, playground, amphitheatre and reflexology path. There will be a park management office, security guards and allocated parking spaces.
To those who are thinking of Subang Jaya landed properties, this may be a great attraction to have within the area. In fact, for the high-rise without a proper park, I think this urban forest is great because now everyone can enjoy, for free. The only thing that I hope everyone would do is to ensure the park is property maintained. Malaysia actually does not lack these public spaces when compared to many countries. The only issue is always the maintenance, after a few years. Yes, would definitely bring my family for a visit even if it’s not really near me. Perhaps a picnic there while my daughter and son plays with one another. Happy with more parks.
written on 17 Mar 2016
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