Strong and productive labour force. That includes me too!

I do think I read a lot more about the world (including news about leaders from some advanced nations), business and everything else (including football too) when compared to someone who watches drama on the TV all the time. Unfortunately for me, I really do not have the luxury of time to sit down and binge watch. I did go to cinemas with my family to watch cartoons every now and then. Hope that counts?

Then after reading, I write a lot and many of my views, articles have appeared in many major media whether offline and online too. To all these media outlets, thanks for asking for my views yeah. So I do I think of myself as a strong and productive labour force here in Malaysia? I do! How about you? Do you also feel the same as me? Well, here’s an expert view from a chief economist and he’s not a Malaysian.

Article in Juwai IQI chief economist Shan Saeed said that the Malaysian economy has the resiliency to bounce back from the current situation because of its strong and productive labour force. He said, “While the movement control order (MCO) is being extended until May 12, the government is fully gearing up to bring investors’ confidence back to the country while maintaining growth and economic momentum, which is vital for the long-term outlook.”

With regards to the confidence of local and foreign investors, Chan said, “The good part is, once the Malaysian economy opens up and sectors start operating, we will see foreign direct investment coming back into the economy.” He added, “Looking ahead, we maintain our 2020 gross domestic product growth forecast of between one and two per cent despite economic uncertainties.” Please read the full article here: Article in

ADAPTABILITY. Actually, one key thing which will determine whether the workforce is strong and productive or not will be adaptability. With the MCO, how soon could one change the business to continue operating via online. I have seen many and it includes convenience stores, food outlets and even the education sector!

How quickly can someone who organises events to change the event model into an online one. I have seen many launches now done online and has also been engaged for some of these events. So, instead of speaking for the customer in their on-site events, I am speaking for them in their online event.

Businesses which needed to get their staffs to work from home, how quickly have they been able to do this so that the disruption to the business is as low as possible? Truth is, the development of an app for mobile would still have to be on time because we are still in a mobile world today. These examples would tell us whether we have a strong and productive workforce. So far, I do think we are not doing too badly. Thank you to all the strong and productive Malaysian workforce. I think we have a change to rebound quickly after this.

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