SP Setia’s Cenderawasih – Rumah Selangorku – Registration starts

screenshot_2017-03-03-10-12-22.pngLATEST UPDATE received just few minutes ago. The event will proceed as planned. SMS as per image. If needed, call the number stated for more information.  Cheers.
screenshot_2017-03-02-10-19-39.pngLATEST UPDATE: The Event is Postponed.  Message:  Setia Eco Templer’s Launching and Registration ceremony for Rumah Selangorku has been postponed to a later date to be informed. For more information, please call: 03 – 60922288
ecotemplerIt’s unproductive to keep talking about affordability if we do not take some steps to get a roof over our heads. It can be new launches or even the primary ones. There’s a new launch this coming weekend. Rumah Selangorku projects are affordable ones and they are priced between RM42,000 and RM250,000.I think this is an event which is a must go for those who qualify for Rumah Selangorku. Yes, the highest priced homes offered under this scheme is only RM250,000 per unit. The qualification in terms of income is lesser than RM10,000. For more information, visit the official state government website here.  There is now an opportunity to apply for an apartment unit which will be built by SP Setia. It’s called Apartment Cenderawasih.Googlemap attached.
setiaecotemplerIt’s within Setia Eco Temper.  Concept wise, it’s hard not to like it if one has an inclination towards greenery and nature. There are nine creeks within the whole development. For families with kids, it’s possible to just bring them to all these creeks and enjoy the water and the environment. Take a look at its concept here: SetiaEcoTemper- Concept There are some agendas included in the invite sent to me. The Menteri Besar is also expected to be there to officiate the event. It’s a good sign. Yes, there’s even a free lunch at the end of the opening ceremony. This is its official launching title: Rumah Selangorku (Pangsapuri Cenderawasih). The event is on 4th March, 8am and the venue is SP Setia’s sales office for Eco Templer. Happy visiting to know more. Registration is free. Call here for more information: 603 – 6092 2288.
written on 27 Feb 2017
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  1. Sofie avatar

    Were do we supposed to register?at rumah selangorku website or setia eco park website?is there same?..

    1. Rumah Selangorku site. Cheers.

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