SP Setia Semenyih affordable apartment

Yes, I am personally against any property speaker who is telling everyone that they better buy quickly because there’s no more affordable homes in the market. I am also against some reports which says that one entire generation would be homeless because of property prices which are too high. Seriously, do these people actually search and filter all those property portals at all? Or are they speaking only on primary properties? Well, even on this account, they are wrong. Haha. Okay, read on for something affordable.
setiacameliaRM262,000 for a 860 sq ft apartment with TWO parking bays each and three bedrooms, would you buy? Plus, this is by SP Setia. Suddenly you are closing this article and bring to google for more news and where to buy? Haha. Okay, the location is in Semenyih which is not exactly nearby KL city centre. Google map image shown. This is D’Camellia affordable apartment in the Setia EcoHill township in Semenyih, Selangor. The launch would be in its Setia EcoHill Welcome Centre.
The launch is only for tower one comprising 317 units with tower two housing the remaining units out of a total of 635 units. They are both 18-storeys in height. Facilities are impressive for an apartment, actually. They include landscaping, an Olympic length swimming pool, playground, gymnasium, badminton court, multipurpose hall and is a gated and guarded development. Their targeted buyers include first time homebuyers, young couples, fresh graduates and parents buying property for their children as investments. It’s expected to be completed by 2019. Yes, you can now google for more information online. Cheers.
written on 2 Oct 2016
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