Some countries have started their ‘reopening’

The image below shows the COVID-19 cases as at 20 April 2020. We could look at it very negatively and see the huge 2.4 million number of infected people. It means there’s a long time more to go before countries can say they have it under control. We could also choose to only look at the 3% Serious or Critical cases out of the total active cases. It means that the fatality rate for COVID-19 is considerably low and the best defence is still to ensure we are healthy everyday so that ‘touch wood’ if we somehow get it, our condition will remain only at the mild condition. President Trump of the U.S. has outlined plans to start reopening of some states which have shown improvements in COVID-19 infections. Earlier article here.

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Germany begins reopening. (read here) Germany takes its first steps back towards normality on Monday, with smaller shops in some regions opening up for the first time in a month after politicians declared the coronavirus “under control”. From florists to fashion stores, the majority of shops smaller than 800 square metres (8,600 square feet) will be allowed to welcome customers again, in a first wave of relaxations to strict curbs on public life introduced last month.

South Korea relaxes some social distancing rules. (read here) “It is safest to maintain the intensive social distancing, but it isn’t easy realistically. We need to find a middle ground,” Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun told a televised meeting of government officials.

Norway begins reopening of nurseries which were closed due to COVID-19 Norway, which says it has COVID-19 under control, on Monday (Apr 20) started opening up pre-schools after a month-long closure, an AFP correspondent reported. Authorities have said the reopening was possible because children have been less affected by COVID-19, although some parents have expressed reservations over the decision.

Denmark reopens some businesses, setting off stampeded for haircuts The development shows how desperate people are to return to normal life. Denmark stands out as one of the first European countries to impose severe restrictions on movement after the threat of Covid-19 became clear. Thanks to its early response, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen says it’s now possible to try to return to normal sooner than others.

If you ask me, I think it’s very important to really having it under control before any relaxation of the current Movement Control Order (MCO) is started. Considering businesses are allowed to operate, I am not so sure how many Malaysians are rushing back to work because when they come home after office, they will also have to continue taking lots of precautions especially if they are not staying alone.

Normalisation is a great thing. I really hope the economy is not too affected and that we could recover fast and perhaps even hit that 9% GDP growth for 2021 as forecasted. Read here. Perhaps what I really want is for Malaysians to be really mature and really take social distancing as well as precautionary measures very seriously. I think I could. What about you? WHat are your views about the current COVID-19 situation and the potential for MCO to be relaxed?

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