Still about Sky-Cab? Okay, three questions.

I wrote about Sky-Cab before. Here: CableCar, Tunnel, LRT, more roads and PTMP. Action! Well, nothing was reported until recently. I still do not see the economic reasons for Sky-Cab. Let’s ask three questions instead so that I get a clearer picture to decide I should support this Sky-Cab or should I not support it? From my writings on PTMP, you would know I support it thoroughly even if not in its entire form. As for Sky-Cab, well, here’s three personal questions:

  1. How many people are expected to use the service? Please, announce that number based on some valid data and analysis. Never build something to benefit only few people and yet having to think so much about environmental concerns, about costing, about transparency in selecting the company to build and wasting so much time of everyone in debating such a ‘small’ project.
  1. Is the public transport ready? Are the taxis ready to support this? These visitors or travellers who arrive would need connections to places they want to visit. Let’s not have horror stories of some taxi drivers monopolizing and charging exorbitant fees. The busses must be enough, with synchronization with arrival times and ALWAYS ON TIME. All these needs to be solved well in advance and not waiting for it to happen first.
  1. Who will build, what benefit would they get? Seriously, if this is to be a private sector initiative, that company must start to tell everyone about its plans now. If this is a government initiative, can it provide timelines as to the progress of this? For example, what stage is this Sky-Cab proposal at? Just an idea? Already being discussed at the state level? Tender will be called soon?

Let’s be very real and very transparent. The NGOs for the environment would be making lots of noise because this will affect the environment. However, Penang as a developing state must continue to develop faster than majority. It’s already ahead today and should not be moving backwards. Thus, any development which would enable the state to reap more benefits should supported. It’s our goal, right? A better and more prosperous Penang benefits all Penangites and even non Penangites with properties there. As of now, that includes me. Happy weekend ahead.
written on 29 Jan 2016
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