RM3 billion target by Sime Darby Property with new launches

As a company, Sime Darby is well known as a palm oil producer not just within Malaysia but in the world. As per reported in Nikkei Asia Review recently, Sime Darby is the world’s largest palm oil producer by acreage. For the period of July – December 2015, it’s property arm contributed 5 percent of Sime Darby’s total revenue and this would then become 16.5 percent of its profit before tax! Seriously, I think its property arm should receive more attention.
Reported in a few medias recently, Sime Darby Property would be targeting RM3 billion for this fiscal year. It will be launching many new launches as well as new phases of existing projects. It’s managing director, Jauhari Hamidi said that Sime Darby would be launching properties at price levels which will gain lots of attention from buyers. It is looking to launch 18 new projects within the next few months. The projects include the second phase of the Elmina Valley and Quarza Residence in Kuala Lumpur. It also has a few projects in Ara Damansara.
ainsdaleThe second phase of Elmina Valley is priced from RM600,000 to RM700,000 and the demand should be good as its first phase was 95 percent sold within the first day of launch previously. It will also be concentrating in its projects in Negeri Sembilan. Among them, Nilai Impian, Chemara Hills and Bandar Ainsdale. I looked through all these three projects. I think they are worth some further consideration, especially if we believe quality family life would have to be supplemented by bigger sized homes as well as a conducive environment. If you would like to know more, the link is here: Lifestyle at 9
nilaiimpianIt’s always wiser to buy a property only after we understand more about what we are buying. Distance used to be something we always put as priority but as traffic jams become worse, duration may be a better bet instead. It’s the duration, not the distance ok Sometimes, we may fall for a fancy brochure or a very good looking sales person. Truth is, nothing beats really walking around the place that we would be staying for a very long time. Happy deciding and searching.
written on 14 Apr 2016
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