Serenity Langkawi, my favourite place to be, yearly.

It was another of my usual relaxing Langkawi trip. Buying some chocolates which I could not find in the usual supermarkets. Strolling along the white sandy beaches, occasionally picking up the sea shells. Taking the cable car and lots of photos. Seafood in Kuah town. Cheaper than Penang! For this trip, I went to a restaurant called ‘Priviledge’ for the first time ever. Think ‘quality’ and this restaurant serves you all the right stuffs. One tip, the ice-cream is a must try. This time, we met two couples in the Priviledge Restaurant. Both from UK and both were not there for the first time. In fact, the oder couple, perhaps 55 years old have been to Langkawi 20 times. I repeat, TWENTY TIMES. The husband is a businessman and travels between South East Asia and London frequently. Why do they come to Langkawi time and again? They said, ‘it’s a calm and beautiful place’. Very encouraging words indeed.
perdana quayHow about me? Why do I go Langkawi once every year even though some of my friends have NEVER been there but have visited Phuket, Koh Samui and most recently Da Nang. Maybe because it’s within Malaysia and maybe because in terms of white sandy beaches, Langkawi does not lose out to any of these places. Oh yeah, I have been to Phuket, Koh Samui before and yes, I agree in terms of nightlife, they are still levels ahead of Langkawi. Maybe because I am not one who visits all these places for its nightlife.
Langkawi is still as it was, slow, steady and not many sudden developments. Recently there was an announcement about the Perdana Quay, with a GDV of RM4 Billion. This time, when I was there, the billboards for Perdana Quay was in the midst of being put up. The plan certainly seem grand and the land size involved is huge to say the least. The targets are high end luxury travellers. I am not sure how rich the two couples whom I met were. However, if the marketing is done right, using the powers and network of those who has been to Langkawi many times, I think it might just work. I am very sure, Langkawi would never beat Phuket or Koh Samui in terms of mass market appeal. However, luxury travellers is something I still want to believe may happen in the future.
If Perdana Quay is successful, well, there’s another nice place for my wife, baby and myself to take pictures at. Buying properties in Langkawi? Yes, it has crossed my mind but I know where I stand, Perdana Quay is not targeting me today or even five years down the road. My brother went to Langkawi just one month before me and my brother in law will go to Langkawi one month later. My best man for my wedding is going Langkawi next week. I think even if it does not have luxury travellers, my family would contribute to the traveller statistics every year.
written on 3 July 2014
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