Working in KL and Seremban, would Semenyih be a good choice?

A reader wrote in to ask about the possibility to buy Semenyih. He was working in Seremban while his girlfriend was working in KL. Should he be thinking about Semenyih as one of his choices? He cited affordability as one major factor affecting his decision. Secondly, the location should be between the working places of both him and his girlfriend. I gave him three questions instead of deciding because his decision should be based on his personal circumstances. It would be way better than someone working and staying in KL could; me. I assume he needs a place to stay soon and thus considering a secondary property.  I asked the following three questions:
semenyihlanded21.  Does he like Semenyih as a new and growing area? The reason why I ask is because it would take some time for newer areas to become populated and for more amenities to be available. To be frank, I do not prefer anyone to ask where to buy. The right question should always be WHY buy that particular property. For example if he needs a supermarket nearby, is it available? If he wants connection into a major expressway within 5 minutes, does the project provide for such?  Sometimes, one project may have a lake while another has a secondary forest  nearby, question is, which one do we like more?
2.   Secondly, has he viewed sufficient number of units for a closer comparison? Every project would have a different design which may not appeal to all. The quality of build would be very important too. What about the size, design and even the price? Viewing say 5 units would already allow for an objective comparison instead of just deciding where to buy before understanding the nitty-gritty of one particular project versus the other. Remember, an easy to refer Excel file would be extremely useful too.
semenyihlanded3.  Future-proofing it slightly.  What would happen within the next 5 years, would there be a likelihood for one side to be working at the same place as the other? For example, he may work in KL or his girlfriend may choose to work in Seremban instead. Many times, when we sit down and think a bit, we do realise that we may have a plan already in our mind of what we intend to do. For example, if KL is more likely as a place for career growth, then perhaps buying a place not too far away would be better than just a compromise of an area in the centre of Seremban and KL.
By the way, just to illustrate some availabilities, I have cut and paste two sets of choices from and  Yes, even landed property is still considered affordable but Semenyih is not actually next door to KL. It is around between 35 – 39km away from KL city Centre. So a lifestyle change would definitely be necessary. Worth it? Just a comparison between the property availability vs price? Yes. There are many other reasons too. Think and decide…
written on 21 Oct 2016
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