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To sellers who needs to sell this year, I think you better read more about El-Nino. According to weatherman, both in UK and Malaysia, there’s a 70% likelihood that El-Nino may come. If it does come, it will be worst than the water rationing we had in Selangor recently. Note, it will be worst. Thus, if you intend to sell your property and it was one of those areas without water for the longest of time, I suggest you to sell faster. That RM5,000 discount may be worth more today than when El-Nino comes because if I am a buyer and I visit your property and the toilet was NOT flushed, that’s the end of my house viewing. It may even be me who needs to use the toilet for a big business and after using found out that I could not flush! I do not think I would ever consider your property.
Of course, if your home is always flooded during the monsoon season, then you should also know when is the best time to sell your house. It is true, people may check online for forums talking about floods but nothing beats viewing your house when it floods and I needed to wade through the water just to view your property? Worst still, my car got stuck in a huge puddle of water outside your home. So, don’t wait. During dry season, as long as there’s no water rationing, you better sell your property quickly.
Okay, the above is quite an exaggeration to prove a point that for any buyers, always, check out all these things. For example, during the dry season, why not view some properties that you have always wanted to view or buy? This is also the time when you know if the area is really bad when it comes to dry season because unfortunately for everyone, the weather fluctuation can only get worse and not better. If you notice signs of water line marks on some walls of the house, whether internal or external, be pessimistic. These problems could never be solved no matter what the owner tells you about the new monsoon drain being built outside etc. There would still be hundred of properties out there that will somehow satisfy your requirements, it’s just not the one with water line marks.
A property represents a huge burden already, financially. Do not make it worse by having to deal with what you bought every few months in a year, every year.
written on 16 May 2014
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