Scammed by a man. Love, money and over RM900k.

Cheated by man. Love, money and over RM900k.

Ladies, scams happen everyday. The scammers are also getting ever better by the day. Instead of just sending you an email, they now spend time to speak to you. They spend time to know you. They spend time to get you to love them too. This is the reason why it’s so important to know about all these scam cases.

First thing I would like to remind you is this. Your money is YOUR MONEY. Please just use it for YOURSELF. If you found a man who loves you and tells you he loves you and showers you with gifts, that’s great for you. However, be reminded that if he could give you gifts, he could use his own money for whatever reasons he has. Stop believing that money buys love or love buys money.

Your money is for you to spend on yourself. Occasionally treat your good friends a cup of coffee or a dinner, that’s a great gesture. NO MAN deserves your lifetime savings. Yes, this comes from a man.

This happened and just got reported. Article in An accounts clerk fell victim to a love scam syndicate. She befriended a man through Instagram in April 2019. They exchanged numbers, continued the Whatsapp communication and formed an online love relationship. The man then asked the single mother for financial assistance for a petrol exploration business.

He PROMISED to return the victim’s money along with commission. The victim then conducted 50 transactions into five different bank accounts totallying RM927,400 between April 9, 2019 to February 2021. After depositing the money, the victim tried to contact the man several times but to no avail. She then realised that she had been cheated and lodged a police report. For more details, please do read the article here: Article in

Scams continue to happen and emotions are not easy to control

By the way, I can only continue to write and hopefully more people could read these reminders. Truth is, when it comes to emotional appeal, many would fall prey to such a trick. Just look at those shopping sites and then you look at the credit card debts and you realise that many people also got tricked to buy that ‘Must-Have’ item, that ‘Only-Today’ promo and last but not least the ‘Final 5 units’ attraction.

Everyone wants to look better or as good as their peers. Everyone loves a great deal and of course everyone thought that last few units must meant it was good, thus it’s down to last few units. Everyone ah… if it’s a manufactured goods, it can be manufactured again and again. As for peer pressure, just remember that the new smartphone which your peer is showing off, by the end of the week, no one will be talking about it already.

Let them buy what they want. It’s their money, it’s their choice. For us? We buy smartphones when we really need to buy a smartphone. Period.

Be careful because once lost, it’s forever

If the money has been transferred, it is likely that it will not be returned. By the way, even if we transfer the money wrongly to someone, getting it back is also not as straightforward or easy. Now imagine transferring our hard-earned savings to someone who’s extremely far away. Again, a good man does not ask for your money for his business. He should be responsible enough to go get a loan and take on the risks by himself. This is especially true if you have never met the man in person as well as his family. Thank you for listening.

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