Scam case: Musang King seller cheated of RM414,932

Musang King seller cheated of RM414,932.

Readers of, I small-small-sound (hokkien) tell you okay. Today, anything can be faked easily due to technology. So, everything needs to be verified before we can decide if it’s true or not. Plus… all those attachments you receive in Whatsapp which is a video of someone telling you some exclusive news… those are definitely the work of someone too free…

Plus the recent news / image about Pandelela winning the first gold medal that people forwarding in Whatsapp… that’s fake too and I know immediately because that particular diving event starts only in August… how to win gold even before the actual Olympics event yeah. However, many continue to be cheated. So, I have to keep writing to remind everyone to always be vigilant. Else, it may be a huge loss.

Article in A fruit wholesaler was cheated of RM414,932 by a man who pretended to be the buyer of his Musang King durians. Pahang Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Supt Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof said that the victim was approached by the suspec to buy 10 baskets of durians.

He said, “The victim claimed that the suspect had shown him a copy of an online transaction receipt as proof of payment, then his employee came to the shop to pick up the fruit on the same day. This caused the victim to trust the suspect and continued to sell durians to him from July 1 to 27 and payment was made directly to his company’s bank account.” Do read the full article here: Article in

Many more will happen, just keep telling everyone about these cheating stories

Sometimes, people just did not know about these cases, thus they got cheated. This is why it’s really important to keep sharing. These scammers will continue to try new tricks and it will get ever more elaborate too so that the level of believability is higher than previously. Perhaps it’s always good to go back to the basics again.

Just three good questions that we should always ask ourselves.

#1 – Why do I have this good deal? Am I really that lucky?

#2 – Why was this good deal given to me? Do I have something special which everyone else does not have?

#3 – Have I verified and do enough due diligence to ensure I am not cheated?

Happy reading and hopefully, all these scammers could be arrested quickly and receive the appropriate punishment by law.

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