Never ending rows of children books and NO baby chair?

I wrote about my personal requirements for malls, both new and old earlier. You can read here: My must have for malls, both old and new  Today, I want to share a recipe for failure for any restaurants operating in a mall today. Before that, let me tell you that my wife and I spent over 3 hours in Big Bad Wolf and we still could not finish looking through all the good books for our kids. As soon as you go in, you see ‘Children’s Books,’ followed by more rows of Children Books and then a sign right in front that says ‘More Children Books.’ Want to take a guess, what books did I buy most? Yes, children books! The demographics have shown that we have a huge young population and with even more marriages for the late GEN-XERS AND more Gen-Yers, get ready for even more. Next time, Big Bad Wolf can start another “Big Baby Wolf” book fair specialising in just baby and children books! Now comes the awesome part.
After the visit, we walked over to The Mines mall for an early dinner. We chose a familiar Korean restaurant, went in and asked for a baby chair. The waiter said, ‘I am sorry, we only have two and both are taken.’ I think the owner is extremely LOST in this plot of getting more patrons to spend more means to welcome those with families! Needless to say, my wife and I enjoyed Nando’s and spent nearly RM100 there. Assuming only 3 families were pushed away per day and they spend RM100 each, that’s RM300 x 30 days = RM9,000.  More than enough to pay for a few waiters! Well, let’s hope this Korean restaurant learns and all the other restaurant owners who are reading this understands too. If business is not easy, then why are you saving RM55 for an IKEA baby chair? Come on, once bought, you can use it for many years.
Okay enough of ranting. I think it’s savvy to note that as families grow, even if just 3 or 4 members, the type of homes they need would need to grow too. Definitely not a 550 sq ft SOHO but perhaps a landed property may be too out of reach by then since the prices today are already on the higher end while those dilapidated or extremely old ones are shunned upon. A young guy who’s an assistant manager just asked me the other day, if he wants to buy a landed property in Sungai Besi, would it be a good buy. I laughed and replied, ‘If you can afford it today and the width is good enough for two proper cars, of course it’s good buy. Surely, there are richer professionals out there who may buy it from you in future.” He drives a Passat and his wife a Myvi I think. I told him that it’s either a 22 feet width landed or he may opt for a high-rise (bigger units) instead. Buy what we like but just note, the number of families are still getting bigger currently. Cheers
Written on 14 Dec 2016
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