Another RM1 billion investment coming into Johor from China.

Here’s one pretty big issue happening with Johor now. The state government says that it will raise the issue of raising the water price to Singapore. Its Menteri Besar Datuk Osman Sapian said the new price is likely to be the same as the raw water price set for the Melaka government that is RM0.50 sen for every 1,000 gallons. Here’s that full article for reading.  Anyway, this issue is beyond just the state government. It’s more of a country to country kind of negotiation.Not sure how big impact would this have on Singapore visitors visiting Johor. I guess both governments would definitely negotiate in good faith and many Malaysians will continue to work in Singapore while many Singaporeans would be visiting Johor.  The next news will help to assure some of the investors in Iskandar Johor that more jobs are coming which meant that population growth within Iskandar will continue as well. Without PEOPLE (population), it’s tough for the property market to shed its seemingly oversupply as per many media reports.
Here’s that Latest article in TheStar about Iskandar. Johor state International Trade, Investment and Utilities Committee Chairman Jimmy Puah Wee Tse said that the Johor state government is in the midst of discussions with a company from China on its plans to invest more than RM1 billion to set up a tyre manufacturing plant in the state. The deal may be sealed by year-end. He shared, “We are now at an advanced stage of discussion with them, and hopefully by the end of this year we will be signing a memorandum of understanding.” (Okay, let’s be very objective yeah. A memorandum of understanding  (MOU) is not yet ‘an investment.’ Usually, a MOU meant that both parties wants something beneficial to happen and it may or may not result in an investment. Depends on how attractive the business is to the state and depends on how attractive is the proposal from the state to the Chinese company. So, still some time to go but definitely a positive news for now)

While waiting for even more investments, let’s look at another tourist puller. My good friend came back from Legoland Johor just three weeks ago. He said he ‘nearly died’ for agreeing to take the roller coaster with his daughter. He said his daughter does not want to sit next to a stranger. I laughed at him and I will be worried when I bring my kids there in the near future. Legoland Johor is one good reason for visitors to visit Johor and one good reason why accommodation is needed and the mushrooming of hotels and AirbnB units too. I asked him if the theme park was still well maintained because Legoland is already 6 years old currently. It was opened in 2012. He replied maintenance is still okay and Lego lovers would love Legoland. However there’s definitely some signs of the usual wear and tear. Visitors were still aplenty during his visit on a weekend. By the way, another attraction coming end of 2018 too. SEA LIFE will open. Here’s that earlier media report.  Happy evaluating Johor property market.
written on 6 July 2018
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