Some news about the RM4.4 billion River of Life

clarke-quay-jumbo2Anyone who has been to Singapore should have been to Clarke Quay or Boat Quay. I have and I like it. Enjoying some finger food beside the river. Shopping in some of the small retail shops dotted along the riverside. Chit-chatting with friends or even a date with someone special. Yes, the river flowing right next to both the quays is a clean and odourless one. Except for drowning, it may still be safe to fall into the river. What about doing the same thing in Kuala Lumpur? The Klang and the Gombak rivers? There’s no need to feel so negative. Some negativity is okay, for now. Hopefully, we get to do something similar in the future if not near future.
I wrote about this quite some time back and has not been following it but there was one article recently about it. Read here. Ekovest Berhad which is now the new owner of the project delivery partner for the RM4.4bil River of Life (RoL) project in Kuala Lumpur said that it had been awarded two new packages (contracts) as well as the contract to build an interceptor system. An interceptor system is expected to help making the river cleaner as it will stop unwanted rubbish from flowing along the whole river. This is expected to help improve water quality. The works would take 2.5 years to complete. Before anyone starts to say why is it taking so long, I think it’s good to google and understand a bit on river rehabilitation. It does take by far longer than 2.5 years.
img_gkl_epp5_01Yes, if all our rivers are clean, even those properties next to it or with a view of it may appreciate too. No, please do not start buying them now. No one can predict the future. Perhaps the more important question should be when parts of the rivers are really clean enough for some of these potential enjoyment, how LONG would it be clean enough? Can we really have strict laws and prosecution on anyone or any company that pollutes it now and in future? As they say, when the rubbish throwing stops, the rehabilitation can be easier too. I really hope so too. Maybe we should do a session in some parts of this ROL project. Show some support. Happy following.
written on 24 Oct 2016
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