Bandar Rimbayu’s BIG FUN DAY was fun for my kids.

img_20170212_165217.jpgBranding as they say involve doing a lot of things that people remember you for, positively. If they believe your event is good, well organised and the crowd you invite is also the crowd they feel comfortable with, the chance of them buying something from you grows. I think this is the reason why I received invitations every week from developers. Unfortunately, I was not around in KL most of the time. I did attend one by IJM on Sunday. Below would be a short write-up of the event which I think was well organised even if the weather on the day was extremely ‘SUNNY.’ Oh yeah, on the way in, I drove past a galloping horse. My daughter asked, ‘Why is the horse so slow?’ Hahaha… Well, perhaps it’s because the horse is ONE horsepower. 🙂  The development was actually right next to two other developers; Tropicana and Eco World. If you ask me, I would always prefer a new and growing development. While my colleague swears by her Kota Kemuning project, I think as a whole, Shah Alam is still growing and it is the capital city of Selangor which is a plus point too.
rimbayuIt was around noon when I arrived at Rimbayu’s Big Fun Day. In brief, it’s an IJM development and it was a family day. There were lots of people and from the type of cars parked there, I think they have the right target market attending their event. In the whole row of non-national cars, my Exora stood out a lot. Haha. Anyway, my daughter had TWO cotton candies because her brother did not like his. The popcorn was okay and we had lots of fun playing games to win stickers in order for us to exchange gifts. Getting two basketballs into the net proved harder than I thought and well after winning enough stickers for two bottle of bubble mix bottles, my kids went to play inside the gallery while I took a look at the show houses available. Sorry, no special room by room review but suffice to say, this is definitely a development worth consideration if Shah Alam is within your area of consideration. Note though that staying here and driving to KL city centre would take you around 35-50 minutes in the morning. Here’s the website: 
img-20170212-wa0017.jpgI left after staying for 2.5 hours. (Queuing up did take some time) My daughter was a little disappointed though because her idol, Danny from Xiao Tai Yang was only due to arrive close to 4pm. That’s way too late for me. Need to let both the kids sleep. There was little intrusion from the sales teams. The event was focussed mostly on kids which I think is the right target market. 🙂  I think I would also like to visit the other two developments right next to them. Benchmarking is always good. Allows all three developers to do something different to appeal to the potential buyers. I told my wife, ‘If all three developers were to do a joint event where tours can be conducted for everyone into all three developments, I think this will beat many other stand-alone developments nearby.’ She agrees too as we do not need to travel three times in this case. We shall see if any of their marketing departments read this article and decided to do it. Happy viewing.
written on 13 Feb 2017
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