Retirement Village – What and Why?

In Malaysia, majority of us have never heard of such a term before. ‘Retirement Village?’ Why can’t I just retire in my hometown? Why would I need a retirement village? Furthermore, I have to pay for it and move out from my current home to a place which may not be that near to the city centre. Furthermore, my neighbours are strangers to me! No kids running around, only old folks strolling slowly every morning and every evening. My children may not even visit me often. So, what is a retirement village, really?
According to, retirement village is defined as, ‘villages are designed for people aged over 55 as an alternative housing and lifestyle option. They are popular with people who feel they need more security, support or company, but who want to maintain their independence. Retirement Villages are housing developments offering a range of accommodation options, services and facilities.’
Now, let’s look back at the reasons in my first paragraph. Why can’t I just retire in my hometown? Actually you can. However, if there’s a retirement village in your hometown, that may be a better option. There are no kids running around. Come on, truth is when the children has moved out and has a family, do you sincerely think they bring their grandchildren to visit you often? Daily? Weekly? If they stay with you, then you do not need retirement village.
Why would I want to stay with strangers? The truth is, when you first moved into your house many years ago, everyone were strangers until you got to know them. In any housing area today, perhaps out of the 100 units, only 10 units are occupied by old folks. It is tough for these old folks to gather and perhaps have a coffee chat like the youngsters of today. To know is to love. Compared to staying alone, watching TV the whole day or sleeping or lying around doing nothing, why not meet new friends, start new activities and still get to meet your children and your grand children when they come visiting during the holidays?
Personally, I am still too young to think about retiring. However, the concept of retirement village really do seem appealing to me. It’s already pretty established in developed countries such as the UK, US and even Australia. Malaysia? I have just started to hear of this. My hope is that this concept may be acceptable, more people takes up this opportunity and the retirement village developments continue to improve, just like the developed countries. By the time I am about to retire? There would be choices for me in my hometown.
written on 1st March 2014
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