Relaxing Family Day, New Property Open Day, Mother’s Day in Ipoh

wpid-img20140511115703.jpg wpid-img20140511114159.jpgI happened to be in Ipoh this weekend. After a sumptuous dim sum breakfast with my family, I decided to drop by a Craft Bazaar by Kinta Properties. It was supposed to be for Mother’s Day as well anyway and thus I went with my wife and my baby daughter. As soon as I arrived, I saw two ‘old’ friends. Mei Yee and Sook Wah. Both were in their Kinta Properties uniform, obviously working hard as usual. They greeted me and said, ‘WOW, your baby daughter is a mirror of you’. I laughed and said that don’t you know these days, you can use printing technology? Both of them laughed. Good friends are not easy to find, keep them, especially friends from Ipoh since I intend to retire there in future. I continued to walk around, got a free balloon for my baby, my wife did one of those colouring sticker thingy and then we went for the real reason why we went there, to view the latest launching by Kinta Properties, Grand Retreat 2.
wpid-img20140511120841.jpg wpid-img20140511120848.jpgKlebang is an area which is not considered high end. In fact, it was considered very far away. Well, let me tell you what are some of the things I found out on the way there. It was 19 minutes away from my home in Ipoh Garden South. Kinta Properties has a huge piece of land there. They have launched numerous other projects there and for the earlier residential ones, there are already cars parked inside the compound. There’s a new Jusco being built. A new Econsave. Many other new residential projects by many other developers. Now, for the actual show unit. I actually liked the unit. My wife even remarked, ‘the master bedroom is bigger than our first apartment’s kitchen and living room’. I laughed. Actually, if I am now based in Ipoh, the unit seemed perfect. My family and my parents and sufficient rooms in case my brother comes back for a weekend getaway. The price is considered high but not in comparison to the size of the unit. Kinta Properties call this part of Ipoh, Bandar Baru Sri Klebang.
Think clearly, for the size and concept and the developer’s name, if this property is in Ipoh Garden South, I dare not even go visit their show unit. Let’s see what will happen a few more years down the road. Total of 650 acres to be developed. For any developer who is established and have dedicated staffs who works hard, I think the answer is clearer.
written on 11 May 2014
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