Ready to work beyond 70? Get ready to enjoy it.

I enjoy working. These days I enjoy working with people even if at times, it can be tiring. Do you enjoy working? How about working till 70 or beyond? According to one latest study, Singapore Life Panel Study, Singaporeans from the ages of 55-59 expect to work till 65. Half of the men and one third of the women surveyed think so. This is the article in StraitsTimes. Basically, the study shows that there would be more older people in the workplace since people expect to be working longer. One major reason is definitely because people are living longer which meant that the money they have would have to be stretched longer. In the same article, Professor Susann Rohwedder, a senior economist at non-profit research organisation Rand Corporation in the United States, said: “Internationally, what drives retirement are the institutions and financial incentives. When there’s a financial incentive to get out of work, you will get out.”
Another major reason stated for these older folks working longer is because they do not have pensions.This is not a situation unique to Singapore though. This is an earlier article with regards to the situation in Malaysia. Working longer may be a necessity and not a choice. Before we start to complain that our EPF should work harder or to provide much higher returns, it is certainly time for us to also do more. What can we actually do about it? Or should we just work longer? Well, experts say that if we save one third every month, we should be able to enjoy two thirds of what we have when we retire. As for those who has only EPF as ‘investment’ today, it’s really important to note that just relying on EPF is not going to be enough. I would just say that if we invest in a new property every 10 years, we should easily have 3 by the time we retire. Selling two of these is likely to give us more money to sustain us until the day we say bye bye.
I say get ready to enjoy it because my ex CEO used to tell all of us that if we enjoy what we are doing, then we are no longer working. I love to teach and I hope one day I can become a lecturer again. ( I was a part-time lecturer for a UK-degree programme in Penang for a few semesters before)  I think the younger generation just need more interesting lecturers who can pique their interest to learn and not some boring lectures. Haha. 😛  More importantly however is to have enough that we can enjoy our retirement like David Backham. More importantly, we should have more financial investment knowledge too. Do you save enough to retire? Better save enough to invest Here are some resource to help us in our journey. Resources we have access to for our investments Happy learning and investing.
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written on 28 Oct 2017
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  1. Hi Charles,
    The only way to retire early is to invest while you are in employment or as an employer, it is true that depending on EPF/saving for retirement is going to be tough. ideally, if there is a choice or financial allow, most people would prefer to retire earlier even though you like what you are doing or your passionate, however, individual healthiness condition is another factor to be considered.
    My 2 cents.

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