Quill City Mall? Create more attractions, waiting for more condos.

quillcityLet me share three things about Quill City Mall. I visit this mall at least once a week as it is within walking distance from where I work. Secondly, my colleagues predicted this mall would have closed down within a year of opening. (They still think it will close down even though it has been over 2 years after their predictions). Third is that our Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has decided not to proceed with its acquisition of this mall as per reported in TheStar here. I do not think Quill City Mall is doing too badly currently. During lunch time on weekdays, it is still welcoming many office workers. If you arrive at KFC at 1230 noon, chances are you would have to queue up. I just did 2 weeks ago.
However, if you were to ask if they  would become very popular in the near future, I think it’s tougher. There are just too many malls surrounding it. Sunway Putra Mall which is less than 2km away is more appealing to me if I intend to drive instead of walk. If I were to take the monorail instead, then Pavillion, Bukit Bintang or even KLCC is also less than 2km away. Yes, competitions are very ‘branded’ while some of my friends in KL does not even know where Quill City Mall is. Okay, there’s even the refurnished Maju Junction with Parkson as its anchor. It has a decent food court; comfortable and affordable handpicked with people every lunch time. Maju Junction and Quill City Mall can be said to be attracting similar  ‘walking’ crowds. Fortunately for Quill City Mall, when it comes to shopping I prefer AEON over Parkson. (I have loyalty cards for both though). Slightly further away would be SOGO shopping mall which is full of people all the time. My colleagues love to shop there due to the many different sales happening every week.
What can help all these malls which are nearby to one another? Well, my close friend who’s a sales manager with a public listed company told me that her project in the vicinity has at least 10 different competing developments within a 5km radius from one another. Perhaps if all these projects are filled with residents, we may see more crowd. It would also help tremendously for every mall to really think what can help to attract certain crowds on a daily basis. Paradigm Mall has many events lined up every month and this helps tremendously in attracting family crowds during weekends too. I would prefer all these malls to continue to open because I love the food court in Maju Junction but I like AEON in Quill City Mall. Talk about torn between two favourites. Happy shopping yeah.
written on 2 Jan 2017
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