Q4 2015: Good FDI performance to continue

Reported in Business Times. From January 2015 to September 2015, total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Malaysia is actually higher than the same period in 2014. (YES, this is despite the Ringgit kept depreciating while the economy is still chugging along). The FDI was up by over 5.8 percent FDI inflows rose by more than 5.8 per cent to RM27 billion, compared with RM25.6 billion in the corresponding period last year. Q4 would show a promising end to 2015 as there are currently a total of 140 proposals for manufacturing projects and 87 proposals for services projects with an estimated total of RM14.2 billion. Of course, not all of these would materialise but I think it’s clear that Malaysia remains an attractive destination for many overseas investors. Perhaps the current Ringgit’s value is an extra incentive too.
Actually, Malaysia is doing well via-a-vis there countries. We are still competitive. read here: Sweet 18 is definitely a good ranking against the world  The two most important sectors that everyone should pay attention to is manufacturing and services. Sorry, nothing to do with politics or even one company which is famous for all reasons. Read here: Malaysia economy? Always watch ‘Services’ and ‘Manufacturing’  Where FDI is concerned, the manufacturing sector received the largest amount of FDI in the January-September period this year at RM11.2 billion, or 41.4 per cent, of the total FDI. Yes, this should allay some of the fears that manufacturing in Malaysia is no longer competitive and that everyone is shifting to China which is totally untrue. Read here: Osram and the massive RM4.67 Billion Kulim investment
The few states where the most approved investments went to include Johor, Sarawak, Malacca, Selangor and Penang. These states received 76.6 percent of all the projects. The FDIs for 2015 thus far came from Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, Singapore and China.
If we are thinking of property investments, it pays to also understand if our country is still growing forward or backwards. It would be better if we are also able to pinpoint some states and then read more about them. As usual, if we fail to notice the opportunities within, it’s definitely okay if we were able to identify good opportunities elsewhere. Just remember to take actions because majority of the people I know would always tell me how and where to invest but is still adopting a wait-and-see attitude all these while. Any manufacturing investment takes time to materialise as even the decision itself would have taken much longer than few months to decide. The building of the plant would take another few years. This is where opportunities are. Just do not wait until the plant is completed and people have started working there that we said, ‘Oh no, I should have bought the properties nearby earlier.’ Happy reading and investing.
written on 18 Nov 2015
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