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proton sagaMany years ago, my sister bought her first car, a Proton Saga. (Pic). Suddenly, there were many of these on the road instead of the previous model which had been sold far longer than my primary, secondary and Degree years combined. I drove my sister’s car. It felt much more firmer and everything seemed intact. Oh yeah, my sister is driving the same Saga today. It has the same power window if you wanted to know. Then, I remember one really good advice. If you must buy shares, buy one which you understands. At that time, Proton shares were very cheap. RM1.50 / one share. I bought 5,000 and told a few of my friends. Every single one of them laughed at me. It is ok, I am always used to these laughters anyway. At the price that I was buying into, and the sales of Proton Saga, I believe it was undervalued. Somehow, he who laughs the last laughs the loudest. I sold off all the 5,000 units at RM4. That was one of the best buys I had with the share market.
Recently, Proton Iriz was launched. From the reviews, from the number of bookings, I think it should sell pretty well. I seriously think if they are willing to improve, they deserve a chance. Just like when they retired the ‘extremely old’ Iswara for that Saga BLM which my sister bought. However, this time, Proton is no longer a listed company by itself. It is part of DRB-HICOM Bhd. After doing some calculations, I concluded that I should buy some DRB-Hicom shares and would hope that Proton Iriz would be another game changer. Yes, again, I bought 5,000 units. I told only one friend this time and this friend said I may be right. Actually, I have been right for the past 4 shares that I told him I bought.
Anyway, I hate speculation, thus I would normally do my calculation and ready to hold up to 2 years. I have never bought any shares with the thinking that I would earn some huge money over a short period of time. I do not believe anyone can be lucky all the time. My reasoning is simple, ‘buy what you know.’ Analysts would have numbers from the company concerned and they do their analysis based on that. For me, besides the analysis, I use my eyes and ears too. We shall see in the near future if my analysis is right again for the second time for Proton. Oh yeah, I love property the most but some of my portfolios are firmly in stocks and I seldom read what the analysts said about the stock market. I also do not buy the bluechips that everyone buys. As usual, buy undervalued stocks. Not one which everyone is trying to speculate about. My portfolio? Read here.
written on 3 Oct 2014
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