Property transactions due to marriage and divorce cases. Up or down?

Property transactions due to marriage and divorce cases. Up or down?

Marriage and Property Demand

When a couple gets married, usually they will prefer to buy a home of their own. Of course, they may need to have the financial part sorted out but if they could, they would prefer to stay in their own home versus having to share a room within a home with strangers or even friends. Some may stay with their parents and that’s good as well.

Just need to note that having dinner occasionally with in-laws versus staying together everyday may be different yeah. Oh yeah, I will follow what my father-in-law did to me 19 years ago. He said, “It’s best to only get married if you have a home of your own…” Haha. That was why and how I bought my first property way back in 2003.

Divorce and Property Demand

Meanwhile, if a couple has decided that they could no longer accept the other as their life partner, then a divorce happens. When a divorce happens, the couple would usually need to find a different place to stay. One party may move out while the other may continue to stay in the same place.

Alternatively, both may choose to move out to other places versus staying at the same home due to emotional reasons too. This is why instead of one home, there may be a total of 3 transactions, one sell and two buys. Of course, I hope these kind of transactions due to divorce cases do not go up.

What has happened to number of marriages?

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What has happened to number of divorce cases?

Property Transactions will continue to happen

Beyond just marriage and divorce cases, property transactions also happen because some are buying their first home, some were lucky as their down-payment was paid by their parents, some may be earning higher salary and thus were upgrading and some may have just bought because they listened to some influential speakers.

Just note that the last situation (listened to some influential speaker) may be dangerous if the buyer actually does not understand the reason they were buying. Property will always be one of the most expensive thing we will ever buy in our life. Be wary and be careful. Happy buying.

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