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Property Outlook 2022 in Penang @ Crescent Dew Clubhouse

Property Outlook 2022 in Penang @ Crescent Dew Clubhouse

I have given too many online talks in 2021, I think. While there are still interactions but it’s still unlike actual engagements. Before Covid-19 arrived, I spoke in 52 events in 2019. That’s roughly one event per week.

This 11th Dec 2021 (Saturday), I will be speaking in Penang again. Specifically at the Crescent Dew Clubhouse @ Bertam, Penang. The theme of the day is “A Magical Christmas Celebration.” Please register here yeah.

Hope to see my Penang friends yeah. I have not been to Penang for 2 years actually. So, this is my first trip back to Penang. I will be speaking together with my good friend Miichael Yeoh and the topic title is, “Property Market Outlook 2022.” We have decided to have a total of 18 slides where we will share the Past, Present and Future and lots of statistics. Please register here yeah.

Details of the talk

Details for the talk is as below: Please do remember to sign up yeah. The talk is free yeah. You can also ask questions too. Plus… we can enjoy some coffee together during the day too. As usual, full SOPs would have to be followed and only fully vaccinated ones would be allowed entry. Click below for the full poster yeah. We will be speaking in Crescent Dew’s Clubhouse.

In the mean time, please always take care and remember to wear masks and have sufficient social distancing too. See you next Saturday.

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