Property news Kemaman, Terengganu: RM156 million holiday villas development

Property news Kemaman, Terengganu: RM156 million holiday villas development

I googled a little and found the super nice place which one could take a hike and visit in Kemaman, Terengganu.

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Now, coming back to the holiday property development in Kemaman Terengganu. When we think of holiday places in Terengganu, the famous one is Pulau Perhentian (Perhentian Island). I have been there and managed to catch some squids which was cooked by one of the restaurants and it was amazing. My family and I still remember the freshness of the squid until today.

I have also been to Dungun two times as part of the Langkawi Education project (now no more) where we stay with foster families to encourage their children to continue their studies in tertiary education institutions. I am still in touch with my foster family until today. However, I have not been to Kemaman specifically for a holiday. So, perhaps this latest holiday development will be the one which gives me another holiday choice a few years later.

Article in Tile manufacturer cum property developer Seacera Group Bhd is partnering Ikhlas Al Dain Sdn Bhd, the indirect wholly owned unit of Mlabs Systems Bhd, to develop holiday villas in Kemaman, Terengganu. This project will have an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM156.46 million.

Ikhlas was in August last year granted sole, exclusive rights by Ribuan Bakat Sdn Bhd to develop several plots of freehold Malay Reserve Land totalling 30.17 acres that Ribuan Bakat owns. Seacera says that this JV will help it to further expand its revenue from property development. Article in

It’s not just the development, it’s also the accessibility and the promotion too

I love the fact that we will have another place to visit here in Malaysia. Furthermore it’s in a state many may not think of as the main state to go for a holiday. Anyway, any place where it’s facing the South China Sea will always be an amazing place to be. Somehow people just love the sea… then sun and well the waves too. However, it’s very important for all developers to also plan to ensure there’s accessibility and also there’s the promotion of the place to the world as well.

The developer must continue to share more details on a periodical basis. The more people know about it, the more interest it could generate too. Just constructing and opening a resort by itself cannot work just like that. All the best yeah. I think this article can also make probably another 50-100 people know about Kemaman too within these few days. If this is successful, it’s great news for Kemaman.

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