Property investment? Keep learning, even if opinions differ

I love to ‘debate’ with fellow property investors. I also love to learn from many of those who have done well in property investments. Sorry, I do not like flippers who over-stretched and got lucky and thus earned huge money. I wish them well. My simple financial goal is to retire earlier and to travel the world, with the family. One small issue, I have not bought enough properties or have enough in my bank account that I can stop working yet. Haha. Within, my sharing is based on only my personal point of view based on my experience thus far. Thus, it does not necessarily be the best for everyone. Some may even go against the usual norms.
Many mornings ago, someone I consider as very knowledgeable in property investment gave me a few thoughts. I think his points are valid for many investors even if maybe not necessarily for me. Here, I share with everyone.

  1. My personal portfolio has just condos and no landed and I have no intention to buy any landed, yet. I believe condo is better than landed. My friend’s comment:  Condo being a better investment than landed house. Both has different investment strength and SOMEONE will be rich enough to BUY your landed properties no matter how high the price gets as long as he loves the location! Don’t worry about not enough rich people around…

2. My personal view that larger sized condos are better than SOHO units. Especially with a growing family size. My friend’s comments: It’s not true that investing in a larger size condo is better than small SOHO units. (I think I understand where he’s coming from because I have more than a few friends who has been successful with SOHOs. Only thing is, buy objectively)
3) My personal view that many people are paying way too high prices for those homes nearby LRT / MRT and the idea that maybe a lot of people still will not use public transport. My friend’s comments: LRT / MRT is hyped up marketing ploy to sell at high price without people really going to use the public transport. Wrong. 
4) My personal view that property investment is not the only thing I like and that we should diversify, especially into stocks and I refuse to touch my EPF, not even for unit trusts. My friend’s comments: Diversify investment to other options such as Stocks and Keeping your EPF to gain high dividend. That will prevent a salaried employee such as yourself from getting into the big league of property investment or realise your potential.
Honestly, there’s no such thing as the only way or the best way. I think everyone should just follow their own assessment and learn from everyone and then make those investment ideas theirs. I also have friends who are only looking at more popular and connected areas and doing very well because the appreciation has been really good these few years. A few other friends focussed only on landed and they are doing well too. Of course, the areas they buy are also those where lots of people want to buy as well. Luxurious homes in slightly lesser popular areas would be under pressure when the market slows like today. Happy buying.
written on 3 Mar 2016
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