Property deals worth highlighting in 2021

Property deals worth highlighting in 2021

When property developer sees a piece of land for sale, they see the potential of that piece of land versus the price they are willing to pay. If the gross development value (GDV) is not high enough to support the land price, the property developer will not proceed. Many times, the seller of the land may also be selling the land so that they have money for their future investments. I do not think we have that many land owners who sell land to keep the money in Fixed Deposits. I hope not by the way.

As for developer, no point in buying that piece of land if what they could build could not be priced affordably to attract buyers. Despite everyone saying 2021 is a quiet year for property, land transactions continue to happen. Below would be all those deals which are supposed to be property deals of the year 2021. Here is one article for all those deals.

Article in Please do read the full article yeah. It has a lot of explanations on why those land deals were chosen as the property deals of 2021. Very briefly, below are the choices of all these experts in the industry. I am very sure they have done their homework and has their own reasons why they chose these deals. Article in

Here’s the full Article in

Someone said buying land is better than buying a residential property as investment

I agree totally with this statement especially for a prime piece of land. The price per sq ft appreciation can be out of this world in just a few years’ time. Plus… they do not build more land…

The only issue is that majority of all Malaysians could only afford to buy a property instead of a big piece of land. As for that property, they could also enjoy price appreciation. It may not beat that of a prime piece of land but buying a property is certainly way better than many other investments. So, keep viewing and investing even if land investment is supposed to be better than buying one high-rise unit being built on that piece of land. Cheers.

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