Press Release: Property Insight unveiled its inaugural ‘Malaysia’s Top 100 Property Developer Brand’ ranking”

  • The first-of-its-kind local property developer ranking was conducted in collaboration with Acorn Marketing
  • More than 700 respondents involved in the survey
  • Ranking can be used as a benchmark for property purchasers to have confidence and peace of mind

Malaysia’s best-selling property magazine, Property Insight has revealed its inaugural ‘Malaysia’s Top 100 Property Developer Brand’ ranking in collaboration with Acorn Marketing & Research Consultants (M) Sdn Bhd (Acorn Marketing).

Acorn Marketing is the leading market research company and the largest independent Asian Marketing research and consultancy group across the region with full-service offices in 11 Asian countries.

With over 30 years of market research experience in Asia, Acorn Marketing is undoubtedly the pioneer in providing high quality work supported by innovative technology from data collection to delivery of insights and presentation.

The synergy between Property Insight which is a bimonthly publication under Armani Media Sdn Bhd and Acorn Marketing is fruitful with the launch of the first-of-its-kind ranking that lists the top 100 local property developers.

This was based on the feedbacks received from a survey that was given to over 700 respondents who had no affiliation to any property developer brand involved in the ranking.
Managing Director of Property Insight, Dato’ KK Chua says, the ranking can be used as a benchmark for property purchasers to have confidence and peace of mind before they decide to purchase any property.

“In this competitive and challenging time, any developer that do not have a strong brand will struggle to keep things going. “Hence, we believe in the importance of telling the brand story as it is the best way for the client to recall the brand and resonate it,” he says.

He adds on that the ranking can justify the brand value of the local property developers. “Other than that, it will also help the purchasers to identify which companies have invested more on value creation and is willing to give extra value to them.

This ranking also helps to elevate the local property developer’s branding as they will be able to gain confidence and trust from the purchasers. Through it, this initiative was made with the sole purpose of helping potential property buyers to make a sound investment decision,” he says.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Acorn Marketing, Michael Chong says this is the very first such move has even been undertaken in Malaysia. “We believe that it will be a game changer in the Malaysian property industry. It will also set an example to the developers to excel further in their work.

“It is with great hope that this ranking will be able to lend a helping hand to future property buyers to make a better decision without worries,” says Michael.

The Malaysia’s TOP 100 Property Developer Brand encompasses four main pillars:
1) People’s Voice (50 percent)
Based on their brand awareness, Top Brands in consumer’s views, brand recommendation
and brand imagery/reputation.

2) Financial Health (30 percent)
Based on their total revenue and net profitability.

3) Brand Prominence (10 percent)
Based on their presence of company/project in digital; website and on social media, in
traditional media; print media exposure, outdoor advertising, exhibitions and expos. 

4) Company Stature (10 percent)
Based on their years in existence and if there’s any blacklisting by the Ministry of Housing & Local Government.

Property Insight and Acorn Marketing hope by revealing this ranking, it will encourage property purchasers to be more discerning and knowledgeable when choosing their dream properties.

— End of Press Release —

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