What if all the ‘cheap’ goods are sold out?

I think many have read this article earlier. Johor Premium Outlet again, after 3.5 years.Still good.  Premium outlets should be what it says. Luxury brands which has new stocks coming and thus would sell it’s older inventories at a lower price. In some countries where space is a luxury, we can even notice their clearance sales are not just cheap but crazily cheap. Do try out Hong Kong during their summer sale. It’s about to start soon. I once bought a business jacket with a matching long pants in Hong Kong for just RM199. Anyway, I think many Malaysians are brand conscious but less ‘seasonal conscious.’ As long as the brand is a luxury one, who cares if it’s last or two seasons back? Okay, okay, some readers of kopiandproperty.my may only want the latest season ones. Thus this article may not be for you. In fact it may be less relevant to those from Johor too. The GPO has opened. GPO is Genting Premium Outlet. Just like JPO is Johor Premium Outlet.

Image Source: https://premiumoutlets.com.my

There are many articles about the opening of Genting Highlands Premium Outlet. One of it is here. TheStar: Premium Outlet Opens in Genting. What are some of the brands that I personally regard highly of? (From their advertisements, not because I own some pieces from them). Charles & Keith, Coach, Guess, Hugo Boss, Timberland, Camel Active, Geox, Obermain, Braun Buffel, Tumi and many more! Here’s the full list.  So hurry up because usually the sales at the opening tend to be exceptionally awesome because they want everyone to spread the words. In the article, it says that Genting Highland draws about 20 million visitors annually. (This is a very good number. Hey, if you think this is going to be very successful, can also think about buying Genting stocks.)  It is a joint venture between Genting Plantations Bhd and Premium Outlets, the outlet division of Simon Property Group. 50:50 basis. It opens daily from 10am to 10pm. At this moment, I do not think I will be visiting it in June. July is a possibility. We shall see.
Branded goods are great. Branded luxury goods at huge discounts would be a specially great proposition. I think these outlets will become even more common because there are so many luxury brands which are competing for a slice of the market today. There’s no way that every brand can sell everything they produce. In fact when we look at the consolidation of many of these luxury brands, we would understand that business is tough. Take advantage of the fact that GPO is just 50 minutes from KL downtown. It’s possible to just drive up, buy a nice handbag for your wife and gift it to her during your anniversary dinner. She would rate your effort as 5-Star. That handbag that you bought her? I think she should rate it 6-star instead? Haha. Anyway, happy shopping. Just don’t spend every bit of money we have on buying stuffs. Cheers.
written on 17 June 2017
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