Why is Vaccination so powerful? Message from a country VERY MUCH vaccinated. (oh yeah… with lots of AZ…)

You know, it was easy to register for AZ during that first 280,000 doses. Reason? We still have lots of ‘clever’ Malaysians who think AZ ah…. dangerous lah… AZ ah…. let others take lah… AZ ah… many blood clot deaths… Never mind that they do not even read what’s the probability of that blood clot. Never mind that they have totally forgotten that UK people took AZ vaccinations very seriously. Now, we come to another milestone for UK. Yes, they are at a stage Malaysia hopes to be in a few months’ time. Please look at the image below from bbc.com (click here to read full article)

From this news article in bbc.com The UK has announced zero daily Covid deaths within 28 days of a positive test for the first time since March 2020. The latest figures also reported another 3,165 new cases, compared with 3,383 on Monday and 2,493 one week ago. It comes amid concern over a recent small rise in cases linked to the variant first identified in India. Full article here. From this news article in bbc.com

What’s the percentage of UK people vaccinated? 75% of everyone who should receive has received first dose. Article here. We just need to note that after vaccination, we could still be infected with Covid-19. However, the chances are lower. The effects are also milder. Thus, if one is vaccinated and infected, going to the ICU may not be needed. To me, that’s a very good reason already to register and get vaccinated and stop asking what’s the vaccine brand.

What’s the antibody built up like for ONE DOSE of AstraZeneca or Pfizer in the UK? Rather amazing but NOT immediately after vaccinations yeah. It’s between 28-34 days after 1st dose. Article here. 96% developed antibodies 28 to 34 days after receiving their first dose, according to research from University College London (UCL). The research, which is being prepared for peer review, found this figure to rise to 99% within seven and 14 days of their second shot for recipients of both vaccines, evidence that they provide protection against the coronavirus. Full article in forbes.com here.

The story is simple. Sign Up everyone you know. Vaccinate enough people to reach 75% with one dose or higher. We can reach the stage where UK is. Would circumstances change in the UK? What if there is a variant which is totally new and even more powerful than the current ones? Before we get to that question, how about ensuring we get vaccinated first against current ones? We will cross the bridge when it comes. For now, GET ON THE BOAT!

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